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  1. part 1: # Me and my friend had a conversation that inspired all of this song. We both came to the unfortunate conclusion that Luna has always and will always be completely innocent. It's definitely understandable that one would feel a bit used. She wanted ponies to appreciate what she thought was beautiful. when something that you put so much effort into is largely ignored by the ponies you made it for. Her uprising was completely justifiable. We did agree that her reaction was a bit much. She shouldn't have tried to steal the day away from the ponies. But there is no way in hell that Celestia's "reluctant" punishment fit Luna's crime. 1000 years on the friggin' moon is unbearable to think about. 1000 years of pure loneliness. She only had herself and her thoughts. So she's on the god damned moon, right? The punishment is extreme and she wants to take back what she's lost. So she decides to come back and finish what she's started. However, guess who knew it all along?

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