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  1. I made Pinkie Pie cupcakes! Well, I don't have the special sprinkles I ordered in yet, but they're pink champagne cupcakes with pink champagne frosting! http://twitpic.com/4iyvy5

    Sunday, 10-Apr-11 01:32:30 UTC from web in context
  2. I need to figure out the best date for my house warming party. Of course said party will be pony themed. Every room in the house is named after a pony. Luna is the computer room, Twilight is the master bedroom, Rarity is the guest room/cosplay room, Celestia is the library room, Rainbow Dash is the living room, Pinkie Pie is the other living room thing, AppleJack is the kitchen, Fluttershy is the dining room, Zecora is the doll and toy room, and G&P Trixie is the bar. We will also be painting our mailbox Derpy colors. I sooo cant wait to paint each room to match its pony namesake.

    Thursday, 07-Apr-11 02:53:38 UTC from web in context
  3. This was my fault. A couple of weeks ago # made a friend of mines mistype PinkiePie into one of his college papers. His professor didn't know what it was at first. "I googled it and just found lots of pictures of cartoon horses." Then a few days later... he hears the professor humming the MLP FiM intro to himself.

    Wednesday, 06-Apr-11 18:08:50 UTC from StatusNet Android in context
  4. @pixellatedponi Seriously! I find it both amusing and alarming to be a minority in this fandom ;-)

    Tuesday, 05-Apr-11 21:43:12 UTC from web in context