Tyler Peterson (subatnat)

  1. lol i dont even know whats goin on

    Thursday, 15-Sep-16 16:20:26 UTC from web
  2. anyone got some good music stuck in their head?

    Thursday, 15-Sep-16 15:49:29 UTC from web
  3. new topic

    Thursday, 15-Sep-16 15:48:47 UTC from web
  4. wow

    Thursday, 15-Sep-16 15:44:29 UTC from web
  5. was he a stray to begin with?

    Thursday, 15-Sep-16 14:31:45 UTC from web
  6. OMG!! SO CUTE!

    Thursday, 15-Sep-16 14:31:22 UTC from web
  7. aww, thats cute! Is he/she a stray?

    Thursday, 15-Sep-16 14:14:11 UTC from web
  8. @thelastgherkin Is it a new cat? Because I believe that would explain the # part

    Thursday, 15-Sep-16 14:07:52 UTC from web in context
  9. @thelastgherkin ? Whats that supposed to be, cat paw?

    Thursday, 15-Sep-16 13:59:47 UTC from web in context
  10. Now thats a shirt

    Thursday, 15-Sep-16 13:18:28 UTC from web
  11. ehh, i prefer the 'glow-in-the-dark' Pon-3 t-shirt they showed at Equestria Daily a while back.

    Thursday, 15-Sep-16 13:18:21 UTC from web
  12. Anyone here watch wrestling?

    Thursday, 15-Sep-16 13:12:48 UTC from web
  13. lets all send him Homer Simpson in Undertale!

    Thursday, 15-Sep-16 12:38:26 UTC from web
  14. ehh, im used to it, and gotcha, okay.

    Thursday, 15-Sep-16 12:24:27 UTC from web
  15. oh ok double click to see spoiler

    Thursday, 15-Sep-16 12:19:33 UTC from web
  16. @tiffany btw, i have low self-esteem. :/

    Thursday, 15-Sep-16 12:16:42 UTC from web in context
  17. wats in da box dere?

    Thursday, 15-Sep-16 12:16:09 UTC from web
  18. word m8

    Thursday, 15-Sep-16 12:15:03 UTC from web
  19. @tiffany i laugh at myself

    Thursday, 15-Sep-16 12:14:09 UTC from web in context
  20. i play it but only on my mom's phone. I dont have my own ;-;

    Thursday, 15-Sep-16 12:12:53 UTC from web in context
  21. or who do the voices sound like

    Thursday, 15-Sep-16 11:49:14 UTC from web
  22. It depends, what do the voices sound like?

    Thursday, 15-Sep-16 11:47:20 UTC from web
  23. great now im hungry >.< brb

    Wednesday, 14-Sep-16 18:31:14 UTC from web
  24. Really?

    Wednesday, 14-Sep-16 18:30:28 UTC from web
  25. also is Fluttershy another small Twitter thing?

    Wednesday, 14-Sep-16 18:30:12 UTC from web
  26. ok.

    Wednesday, 14-Sep-16 18:29:47 UTC from web
  27. ?

    Wednesday, 14-Sep-16 18:29:22 UTC from web
  28. hmm

    Wednesday, 14-Sep-16 18:29:18 UTC from web
  29. ok good. becuz it showed as my name for me.

    Wednesday, 14-Sep-16 18:28:28 UTC from web
  30. Or just Tyler Peterson?

    Wednesday, 14-Sep-16 18:27:05 UTC from web in context

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