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  1. # #: onion soup a la Marjolein, and a Gulpener Bock !beer to accompany it

    about 2 days ago from
  2. Dinner: cauliflower with grated old Gouda; after dinner: Texels Bock !beer (very yummie)

    about 6 days ago from
  3. Texel (the island) has a micro brewery 'Texel'; I tasted a few of their brews, and they were excellent. This morning I noticed a new wine shop in Groningen had a notice: the new Bocks are in! In the window was a "Texel stormbock" so of course I bought one. This afternoon a very dark cloud very suddenly turned into a violent storm. Coincidence? The !beer is excellent, btw.

    about 13 days ago from
  4. @mk I have by now purged the old VirtualBox, installed (without any more errors!) the new one, and have verified that it starts my (not purged!) VM. It needs further work now, but that's for l;ater. Let's see if Wine now behaves as well... :) #, #! !beer # /cc @erkan

    about 16 days ago from in context
  5. # I need a break! with a !beer and peanuts and NewScientist! laterz... :)

    about 18 days ago from
  6. I think I'm going to look up my # - taking my !beer and the ew NewSctientist with me. Too tired to do any more "new distro hacking" today anyway.

    about 19 days ago from
  7. stocked up on some comfort food - at least by now I can normally eat again, my heavily-swollen lip has shrunk to near-normal size and no longer gets in the way. So now I'm dining on tasty snacks, accompanied by first a glass of milk, to be followed by - you guessed it! - a !beer. And maybe another paracetamol. :-/ #

    about 19 days ago from in context
  8. partitioning is done - now for a nice !beer while intsallation is running... #

    about 20 days ago from in context
  9. #: go out to re-stock !beer :)

    about 20 days ago from
  10. for two weeks there was no spring bock any more at the supermarket - now it's been replaced by the regular assortment of regular (autumn) bock !beer \o/

    about a month ago from
  11. @mk !beer: Leffe Bruin :)

    about a month ago from in context
  12. and now I'm ready for a !beer (and I have not even done any real work yet - still need to translate a letter into English for my cousin ^_^! )

    about a month ago from
  13. your home timeline's trend shows (where you follow 522 users): # # # # | # # | # | # | # | #

    about a month ago from
  14. @theru ah, kippis! that reminds me I still have one last Leffe Blond left :) !beer

    about a month ago from
  15. I'm getting a bit tired of all this "NAS digging" without much progress - I *still* don't know how SSH access is limited to root and admin :( # maybe it's time for a !beer

    about a month ago from
  16. pizza: 4 formaggii !beer: Leffe bruin

    about a month ago from
  17. @mk with a nice !beer of course: Leffe Bruin!

    about a month ago from in context
  18. I have to go out yet again - this time to stock up on !beer. after that, I'll probably just crash and do nothing serious any more :)

    about a month ago from
  19. hurray! both printer and laptop table (+ laptop) moved to their new places (but cabling still preliminary). after also mounting my whiteboard, that's enough for today (although I may find energy later to dismantle poor old Grace and salvage at least HDs, maybe other parts). time for a !beer now! #

    about 2 months ago from
  20. @morph WOT - !beer lost??

    about 2 months ago from
  21. OK, layer 3 is done! # !beer

    about 2 months ago from
  22. a HUGE spicy salad with tandoori chicken, a Spring Bock !beer, and the new NewScientist - what more can a person want? #

    about 2 months ago from
  23. so, back from IKEA again - with the nmissing bolts, and some other stuff for the finishing touches :D time for a !beer and a snack!

    about 2 months ago from
  24. staining done! (the shelves now only need to dry thoroughly before I can mount them.) brushes washed so they can be re-used (for black stain, at least). So now it'stime for a !beer!

    about 2 months ago from
  25. in spite of computer Marie being in apparent coma, I've made a lot of progress today (including better ideas for hoe to move on from here (will mount my switch on the wall, too, for ome thing!). so, a nice Spring (hah!) Bock !beer, and then into my #

    about 2 months ago from in context
  26. now: something to eat with a !beer; next: put together the third (and last) new table. then move boxes again so I can sleep. In otehr news: sometime in the not-too-distant past I bought a set of castor wheels for still to be built sets of drawers; I've probably put them in a "logical" place: they've disappeared!

    about 2 months ago from
  27. ok, off for !beer now, and then I can spend the rest of the weekend on archiving, and (hopefully) finally building another table...

    about 2 months ago from
  28. got the last 5 boxes of the size I need - more next week, teh shop owner immediately ordered more :D now a break with whole-wheat-and-seeds salty crackers and milk, and then I need to go out yet again: I've run clean out of !beer!

    about 2 months ago from
  29. yay! operation 'move rack with shelves' successfully completed. # I'll have to sort a to of clippings and put them into boxes so they won't gather dust. time for some # and a well-deserved !beer :)

    about 2 months ago from
  30. @nydel :D I'm not so soda-poppy, but you inspired me: # some paprika potato chips with my Spring Bock !beer. thanks or the suggestion :)

    about 3 months ago from


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