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  1. After the house viewings and a short but successful shopping tour, now enjoying a De Koninck !beer on a terrace in the sun - still in Groningen. #

    about 11 hours ago from
  2. Haha, I just got a free !beer because "something went wrong in the kitchen" and my pizza piccante is delayed...

    about a day ago from in context
  3. @daw Preparation: warm a little bit of vegetable oil in a pan; once it's hot add the mustard seed, and wait till they pop (use a lid or they'll go all over the place!); and add the garlic-and-ginger paste, quickly fry that, then add a little water and let it simmer for 1 minute. Next, add curry powder and leaves, and carrots (and optional: three tablespoons of red lentils for more 'body'); add some more water (enough to give the carrots some 'space') and boil for about 15 minutes. Take the pan off the fire, fish out the curry leaves, and use a hand blender to make a smooth mass. Then add water to make 1 liter, add the curry leaves back, and the sweet pepper, and let it boil for another 10 minutes or so. For both first and second stage give it a stir every now and then. That's it. And amber !beer goes well with this, as do multi-grain toast or crackers. Enjoy! (2/2) !food

    about a day ago from
  4. Here we are: my carrot-pepper Indian style soup, with Amber !beer and multi-grain crackers :)

    about 3 days ago from in context
  5. @morph good idea - I think I'll have an Amber !beer before making carrot soup. #! /cc @vanden

    about 3 days ago from
  6. and now a little break with a nice !beer (the last of that Leffe Bruin which turned out to be Leffe Tripel!) before I continue spending money (on useful things, at least :D)

    about 4 days ago from
  7. Cheese crackers and Brand IPA !beer

    about 5 days ago from in context
  8. # a Jupiler !beer. OK-ish but wishing I had an Efes instead :-/ anyway, proost, !fediverse!

    about 13 days ago from
  9. @chalkahlom proost! Efes is a really nice !beer

    about 14 days ago from
  10. I had a pretty productive day today, so I'm celebrating with a big falafel-and-couscous salad for #, accompanied by a Leffe Tripel !beer

    about 15 days ago from in context
  11. heh, I thought I's bought a sixpack of Leffe Bruin - turns out it's actually Leffe Tripel :D !beer #

    about 16 days ago from
  12. The homebrew #, bottled and set aside for a while.

    about 19 days ago from at 47°29'52"N 19°2'23"E Repeated by mcscx
  13. The homebrew #, bottled and set aside for a while.

    about 19 days ago from at 47°29'52"N 19°2'23"E
  14. A my neighborhood Turkish (hotel-)restaurant: pizza ordered, just had my first sip of an Efes !beer. :-) #!

    about 19 days ago from
  15. I've declared !beer o'clock - having a Grolsch Amber. Anyone joining me? proost!

    about a month ago from
  16. @mbjunior that's one !beer I often had when working in California! Very nice.

    about a month ago from
  17. @chalkahlom I'm knackered, too - but I did a lot of scrubbing, washing, cleaning, sorting and arranging. With a happy result: all my herbs & spaces in one compact place, and a lot of !beer glasses ready to be packed. I also wanted to make garlic-ginger paste today - I even bought the ginger at the market yesterday - but didn't: already too tired.

    about a month ago from
  18. @mk that said, I still need to find boxes (or at least one box) for all the !beer glasses, and packaging material to wrap them to prevent breakage. There are some very nice ones I'd hate to lose.

    about a month ago from in context
  19. \o/ ALL my herbs and spices sorted, and tidied away: 6 drawers full or almost full. #! # !beer

    about a month ago from in context
  20. good morning goede morgen god morgon bonjour jó reggelt tere hommikust bom dia (etc.) !tzag !fediverse !fediverso - I'm still sorting and cleaning the place where my elmer cabinet will live: that includes a large collection of brand !beer glasses which just get dusty and greasy in my kichen which doesn't have an exhaust fan: so apart from a few for daily use I'm going to ack them into boxes: I'll be moving anyway and hope I can give them a better place!

    about a month ago from in context
  21. Ok, !beer finished, pills swallowed, teeth brushed, in my # Good night gute nacht jó ejt boa noite welterusten (etc.) !tzaf !fediverse !fediverso

    about a month ago from
  22. aaargh! my typing is terrible again - maybe I should dive into my # (after finishing my !beer at least)

    about a month ago from
  23. Just got back home, finally. That was a *very* long day after three hours sleep and getting up at 6 to do the last preparations for the double house viewing in Groningen. I'm awfully thirsty, too: No time for a cup of tea, had a sandwich on the train for lunch and past from Julia's on the station before catching the train. So: !beer o'clock!

    about a month ago from in context
  24. for me it's now !beer o'clock !grap :)

    about a month ago from
  25. #: pizza cacciatora with a Spring (yes!) Bock !beer: #

    about a month ago from
  26. *finally* finished viewig my checklist... not helped by a series (I think) of small bugs in Libre Office. Designing a sheet with checkboxes is NOT fun. Now for some food and a !beer, and then I need to figure out how to get to the first house to be viewed in time # :)

    about 2 months ago from in context
  27. DB (Deutsche Bank) is the most inefficient bank I have ever dealt with - what the Ostfriesische Volksbank managed in 3.5 weeks, took DB a whopping 5.5+ *months*. Each time I was getting another letter from them I was getting a headache again: I then had to call them to clear up yet another problem (of their making although the postal strike in Germany did its bit to help the last few weeks). Now, it's finally done!!! So I declare !beer o'clock - no more financial headachy stuff until Monday! :D

    about 2 months ago from in context
  28. enjoying some Asian snacks instead of dinner - with an "Amber" !beer

    about 2 months ago from
  29. @expatpaul meh - just coming home from a shopping run for Asian foods in the city - and you remind me that I'm out of !beer ... will have to go out again! :(

    about 2 months ago from
  30. @mama21mama proost! !beer :D

    about 2 months ago from in context

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