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  1. @moonman And I've been worried about the partially lost !drwho episodes.

    about 7 days ago from in context
  2. Read the # chapter on nuclear bombs to my son @rafael this weekend. He thinks most things in that book are dumb, but sat rapt for this one. So did I. It's less like "up goer 5" and more like how # describes the Last Great Time War, and utterly terrifying in its real-ity. !parenting

    about 7 months ago from
  3. @kat For some reason, it is one of the most memorable story arcs of !drwho for me.

    about a year ago from
  4. More bluntly: looks like the Wachowskis imprinted on # way earlier—with the other Baker…

    Thursday, 22-Jun-17 00:45:48 UTC from in context
  5. So... the Wachowskis would have been watching Baker # in what stage of life? Impressionable teenagers?

    Thursday, 22-Jun-17 00:39:17 UTC from in context
  6. On the long cultural significance of #:

    Thursday, 22-Jun-17 00:29:29 UTC from in context
  7. Just watched Mark Gatiss' episode for series 36 of # Not a fan of his Who work generally, but enough nods to the # era to win me over.

    Wednesday, 21-Jun-17 09:47:23 UTC from
  8. RIP Rodney Bennett, director of two of my fave # stories, Ark in Space and Masque of Mandragora. Indomitable!

    Wednesday, 14-Jun-17 10:30:37 UTC from
  9. Something made me recall this advertisement today. According to Davison, he had to be in the middle because Pertwee detested Baker and they needed to be kept apart. #

    Saturday, 10-Jun-17 08:42:20 UTC from
  10. "It was harder in the wilderness years […] standing in a bookshop wearing my home-made Tom Baker scarf […] and this guy […] looking around furtively 'You're a fan, are you?' This is suspiciously close to dogging." #

    Tuesday, 30-May-17 10:56:16 UTC from
  11. Late last night, having a wee swallie and partaking of some ethnic humour, I happened across David Tennant's first # gig. #

    Wednesday, 24-May-17 11:42:45 UTC from
  12. Come to think of it, some other "showrunner" driven series could usefully learn to occasionally relax the pacing from Better Call Saul. ** cough # cough **

    Tuesday, 23-May-17 10:26:50 UTC from in context
  13. I agree with this considered opinion on something of utterly zero consequence: #

    Tuesday, 18-Apr-17 09:53:33 UTC from
  14. The only pinballl machine I was ever any good at: The weird Delgado/Ainley Master hybrid was a bit freaky. If you can find room for 7 Doctors you can at least have 2 Masters. #

    Friday, 14-Apr-17 07:27:10 UTC from
  15. Just imagine # freed from #'s two notes (manic or teary) to explore a full octave. # with a fresh pair of hands at the word processor could have done So. Much. More. [Beats pinstripe-jacketed chest.] #

    Tuesday, 31-Jan-17 10:13:42 UTC from in context
  16. # No! Just once I'd like to see a 21st century Doctor outlast the producer (sorry, "showrunner") who hired him. #

    Tuesday, 31-Jan-17 10:07:34 UTC from in context
  17. Nicholas Pegg reminds us of the timeless wisdom of classic #:

    Wednesday, 25-Jan-17 12:12:31 UTC from
  18. Finally some detail on why Christopher Eccleston left # after a single series:

    Tuesday, 03-Jan-17 07:50:05 UTC from Repeated by nat
  19. Finally some detail on why Christopher Eccleston left # after a single series:

    Tuesday, 03-Jan-17 07:50:05 UTC from
  20. Tonight is the night to listen to # reviews of the # Christmas special. Fandom is about loving something nearly as much as you love picking it to bits.

    Saturday, 31-Dec-16 09:51:50 UTC from
  21. Quite enjoyed the # Christmas special, tho' that may have been due to the company of @tregeagle, #, & half of # at the pictures. Matt Lucas was not as Bonnie Langford as I feared, and Moffat put his sitcom muscles to good use.

    Tuesday, 27-Dec-16 12:07:54 UTC from in context
  22. @tregeagle Oh. Don't overdo it on my account. # fatigue costs lives. If you need a disincentive Matt Lucas is the alleged comic relief again.

    Wednesday, 21-Dec-16 03:12:28 UTC from
  23. @tregeagle Are you off duty on the 26th or 27th? # #

    Tuesday, 20-Dec-16 11:06:04 UTC from in context
  24. I now know to whom I should bequeath my collection. Before the Internet, there was the unattended office photocopier. #

    Sunday, 04-Dec-16 12:20:39 UTC from
  25. # Club of # is 40 years old. Antony "Doctor Wholigan" Howe and Dallas "Sidekick" Jones are still alive. 1980s # was airmailed VHS cassettes and a lecture room at # # Happy days.

    Friday, 02-Dec-16 11:15:47 UTC from
  26. Peter Davison's new autobiography sounds rather jolly. Tom Baker's autobiography will be hard to top, but I expect Peter knows as well as anybody what it's like trying to follow Tom. #

    Saturday, 26-Nov-16 09:38:17 UTC from
  27. Damn. Missed # Day. Happy belated 53rd. "This old body of mine is wearing a bit thin."

    Thursday, 24-Nov-16 12:55:47 UTC from
  28. Tho' interesting to see all the stuff from Power of the Daleks that Mark Gatiss shamelessly homaged 40-odd years later. #

    Sunday, 13-Nov-16 08:15:31 UTC from in context
  29. Power of the Daleks recon was about as painful as expected. Lots of lengthy pauses, where clearly lots of non-verbal actor-stuff was going on, lovingly "reconstructed" in the form of cardboard cutouts wobbling from side to side in silence for no apparent reason. #

    Sunday, 13-Nov-16 08:10:05 UTC from in context
  30. @tregeagle I think so, just to fly the flag. I'm not into the reconstructions. I know I'll be frustrated by not actually seeing Troughton's performance, which is too animated for animation to reproduce. #

    Thursday, 03-Nov-16 05:18:36 UTC from

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