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  1. my new "mobile" comes with built-in !! ???? :cupofcoffee:

    Thursday, 27-Dec-18 20:06:47 UTC from Repeated by mmn
  2. my new "mobile" comes with built-in !! ???? :cupofcoffee:

    Thursday, 27-Dec-18 20:06:47 UTC from
  3. Anyone use # PBX? Do you use one of the web interfaces or do you stick to the config files. #

    Tuesday, 31-Jan-17 14:45:51 UTC from in context
  4. Riddles are fun - most of the time: 'Lost phones are constantly tracked to this Atlanta home and no one knows why' # # #

    Saturday, 30-Jan-16 23:48:15 UTC from
  5. @tregeagle And my # battery died. It used to last for weeks on a single charge, but that was when I didn't actually use it for anything except telling the time.

    Wednesday, 23-Sep-15 06:35:52 UTC from
  6. @mk on to next batch of updates! # #

    Saturday, 25-Jul-15 08:35:58 UTC from in context
  7. 30 updates done! switched to Ceylon for my 2nd glass of # now on to the next batch of updates :D # #

    Saturday, 25-Jul-15 08:17:06 UTC from in context
  8. ich habe für euch das # # von bq getestet. nach ja, eher für mich ;-) leider kann dieses Ubunt

    Saturday, 11-Jul-15 22:22:02 UTC from at 48°12'30"N 16°22'19"E Repeated by mcscx
  9. ich habe für euch das # # von bq getestet. nach ja, eher für mich ;-) leider kann dieses Ubunt

    Saturday, 11-Jul-15 22:22:02 UTC from at 48°12'30"N 16°22'19"E
  10. "If your # number is based outside of the #, it will not work with this call tool. But don't fret about it! You can still sign our # for # here." cc @question

    Thursday, 30-Oct-14 18:27:55 UTC from in context
  11. testing the new headset for my phone (the zipper model) - it's actually excellent! now I can finally use my phone as a music player, too # #

    Thursday, 11-Sep-14 18:49:33 UTC from
  12. everything is gonna be ok, because # and # talked on the # ;-)

    Monday, 23-Jun-14 19:58:42 UTC from in context
  13. reading a comment of a teacher participating in the POSSE Nigeria and astonished he posts his # number in public

    Tuesday, 01-Apr-14 12:35:24 UTC from
  14. Meanwhile I've transferred most apps, phone & SMS data and all my contacts to my new #: this is my main phone now, though the old one is still functional

    Saturday, 29-Mar-14 19:20:53 UTC from
  15. Clickable phone link - # # # #

    Saturday, 15-Mar-14 09:35:41 UTC from
  16. What is GSF in "On 2.2+, if you have the # on your device, it will # # whether you have a Play account registered or not"

    Sunday, 02-Mar-14 11:34:15 UTC from
  17. !grrr more # trouble - last night it locked up again and I could only reboot it by shortly removing the battery; this morning I find it's shut itself down. :( I *really* need a #

    Sunday, 09-Feb-14 06:10:06 UTC from
  18. @mk or even this: # # #

    Thursday, 06-Feb-14 10:53:11 UTC from in context
  19. OK, this is more like it: 5" 1920x1080 screen, quad-core processor, 1GB RAM + 16GB ROM, extendable with up to 64GB; removable battery, too; but no 4G I think. # # #

    Thursday, 06-Feb-14 10:45:16 UTC from in context
  20. so I just found one can now buy a class 10 32GB microSDHC for just 14 USD. NO WAY am I going to buy a phone that costs €50 more just to have 32GB instead of 16GB non-extendable memory! # #

    Thursday, 06-Feb-14 10:13:03 UTC from in context
  21. hmmm, apart from lack of 4G support and 8Mp camera (not 13), the Huawei Ascend G700 looks attractive with expandable memory (up to 32Gb), quadcore, 1280x700res, dual-SIM; but its big brother does not have expandable memory or dual-SIM support # #

    Thursday, 06-Feb-14 08:10:41 UTC from
  22. WAT? Yesterday my # auto-rebooted twice; now it's doing it again :( I don't think I can # with this...

    Wednesday, 05-Feb-14 10:04:11 UTC from in context
  23. heh, I was looking for my # turns out I manages to fall asleep with it in my hands and dropped it beside/under me in my # - somehow I managed to completely drain the battery, too (by sleepin on it?)

    Sunday, 03-Nov-13 09:06:17 UTC from
  24. Do you think it's rude to make # calls in the # especially when the other party is having # ?

    Saturday, 21-Sep-13 13:24:02 UTC from
  25. 2 years ago hackers intruded the # provider of various # organs (European Commission, Council of the European Union + European parliament) to collect strategic info, especially # (Belgacom International Carrier Services) which specialized in establishing connections to # and Near # They believe it was done by # cc @question

    Monday, 16-Sep-13 16:28:48 UTC from
  26. Do you think some of the 4 mio viewers since 3 days got the message of the video: "I forgot my #" ?

    Sunday, 25-Aug-13 03:09:18 UTC from
  27. After that use the # please since it's the biggest # # on Earth. Don't forget to call @satipera also

    Tuesday, 16-Apr-13 15:34:51 UTC from
  28. ♻ @MurabitoL: 原稿書いていたはずなのに、なぜか#Ubuntu Touchの日本語入力の実装だけで日曜が終わってしまう。。。 !linux #

    Monday, 15-Apr-13 22:01:25 UTC from at 40°35'6"N 105°5'3"W
  29. "see if your # number found, followed by subsequent €1,000 fee to remove it. But project seems less about money+more about the message"

    Monday, 18-Mar-13 11:18:19 UTC from
  30. .@redi44 I can't agree more. thankfully, !jolla and !ubuntu # both use !kde # # so full of win!

    Wednesday, 16-Jan-13 10:01:01 UTC from at 52°13'47"N 21°0'42"E in context