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  1. Beat a gym, # glitched and wouldn't give it to me. I left and half an hour later Yellow had taken it. #

    about a day ago from
  2. Got up at 6AM, played # My 10:30PM gym capture lasted 3.5 hours. Someone on the same team as me captured three gyms, I dropped pokemon on each one.

     Covered in sweat by 7:30AM, because Arizona.

    about 2 days ago from
  3. I planted a pokemon on a gym near where I had a dentist appointment this morning, and ten hours later it's still held. I may have found a new favorite gym.  #

    about 2 days ago from
  4. I went out at 10:15PM on the theory that gyms would stay taken longer. I battled a gym with six pokemon. The last pokemon, the person must have noticed they lost because the same pokemon kept coming back with refilled combat power, because he was feeding berries to it. He must have done this eight times and run out of berries, it took me over an hour to defeat the gym. Now it's 11:15 and the gym is taken. 


    about 3 days ago from
  5. wasted a ton of pokeballs trying to beat a challenge to get three "great" curveballs. I can barely hit the target with a curveball let alone hitting it straight in the center. I got two by sheer luck. Just need one more. #

    about 7 days ago from in context
  6. hooked my usb battery pack up to a bad charger and now it's not ready in the morning for more #

    about 7 days ago from
  7. Time defended: 1d 0h 1m


    about 7 days ago from
  8. #

    I went to a park that has like 20 pokestops and five gyms, and just loaded up on items and caught tons of pokemon. I played for about four hours and walked about 4km.

    evolved piloswine
    evolved lairon

    I fought in a raid with a nice black lady with a car full of kids, we didn't win but we exchanged codes to be friends.

    at the park some little kid captured a couple gyms, I didn't have the heart to take them back while he was still there, so I waited until him and his dad left and smashed the gyms flat.

    about 7 days ago from
  9. enough time wasting, back to playing #

    about 8 days ago from
  10. Caught a hariyama, thing's huge #

    about 8 days ago from
  11. I went to the complete other side of town to visit a friend and there was only two pokestops and one gym in over a mile. I smashed the gym flat and caught a bunch of new pokemon:

    silver-looking geodude

    so pretty damn productive despite almost no pokestops #

    about 8 days ago from
  12. Also caught an alolan sandshrew variant # (not my pic)

    about 9 days ago from
  13. caught a lunatone #

    about 9 days ago from
  14. I'm lucky, I literally have like 14 pokestops/gyms in walking distance to my home. And a good walk gets me to a park that has eight in close proximity, you can walk them in a loop and they'll be refreshed by the time you get to the end.

    They also added the river next to my place so now I can catch water pokemon


    about 10 days ago from
  15. Apparently there's now a fob for # called Pokemon GO Plus. Costs like $35.

    about 3 months ago from
  16. #  https://Fluffle The goal here is to "flick" the lasagna into the food bowl so garfield can eat it. Note that the comic font makes it look like it says "apple the food in the bowl" but it does in fact say flick.

    You have to flick your finger sort of like in # except this is really hard and not fun, and also you're flinging lasagna in virtual reality at 8:30 at night and your neighbors think you're mentally disabled.


    about a year ago from
  17. Reminder: # is proprietary software and should not be used by anybody. Help your friends, uninstall this malware.

    Monday, 20-Mar-17 01:55:17 UTC from
  18. Maybe I should go outside tomorrow and play some #

    Tuesday, 21-Feb-17 04:40:50 UTC from in context
  19. Apparently there's now a fob for # called Pokemon GO Plus. Costs like $35.

    Sunday, 19-Feb-17 06:04:48 UTC from
  20. nice, you're pretty close now to go outside my work were playing the aesthetically superior #

    Tuesday, 22-Nov-16 00:10:11 UTC from
  21. # to the gulag

    Tuesday, 08-Nov-16 16:00:52 UTC from in context
  22. @gunvolt welcome back! And good for you and your !privacy. # is a horribly sugarcoated !surveillance machine.

    Sunday, 02-Oct-16 21:07:11 UTC from
  23. https://Fluffle #

    Sunday, 31-Jul-16 01:59:33 UTC from
    I was out last night ratting around DT Riverside, and I saw other roving packs of players. Gyms kept turning blue or red, but sometimes I'd see yellow and wonder who else was fighting the good fight. Thought a Telegram group might help. # #

    Friday, 29-Jul-16 02:07:48 UTC from web in context
  25. # is for the Sissies - # is true 'real gaming' w social bonus points.

    Thursday, 28-Jul-16 11:47:40 UTC from Repeated by mcscx
  26. # is for the Sissies - # is true 'real gaming' w social bonus points.

    Thursday, 28-Jul-16 11:47:40 UTC from
  27. https://Potato #

    Wednesday, 27-Jul-16 00:30:53 UTC from in context
  28. #pokemongo on the road

    Tuesday, 26-Jul-16 16:49:32 UTC from Repeated by akionux
  29. #pokemongo on the road

    Tuesday, 26-Jul-16 16:49:32 UTC from
  30. Guys check this out it's pretty kiwiin cool

    Tuesday, 26-Jul-16 01:21:27 UTC from Repeated by normandy

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