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  1. Do we really have to fight for net neutrality again! Protests, SOPA/PIPA avatars, web site blackouts, etc... They are just wearing us down coming back every two years! Every time saying, "We just want to give 'the people' what they want." #

    Thursday, 27-Apr-17 21:16:23 UTC from
  2. @aaron Come to NY, #

    Sunday, 09-Apr-17 19:40:55 UTC from
  3. Have coals, have grill, have t-bone... Just got a server thunderstorm watch alert on the phone. #

    Saturday, 25-Feb-17 20:15:41 UTC from
  4. @theru ad block glasses as well. They basically installed TV's in the pumps last weekend. #

    Wednesday, 18-Jan-17 13:57:31 UTC from in context
  5. 20min ago I was told it was more then a feeling. Now I'm being told not to fear the reaper. #

    Monday, 19-Dec-16 18:35:01 UTC from in context
  6. Stitches removed. Another scar... # I'm starting to look old!

    Tuesday, 22-Nov-16 21:39:29 UTC from
  7. @perloid Don't worry. It'll be x-mas crap starting tomorrow. # # <-there should be a comma in there Oo

    Monday, 31-Oct-16 22:34:10 UTC from
  8. Haven't been in this place in months. Quiet Riot blasting out of the speakers. #

    Thursday, 06-Oct-16 17:19:54 UTC from
  9. @sharivegas reading through (the contents & start) of that, it's all about "content" - not about person/individual/identity or even groups of people. # That won't work. Ever.

    Wednesday, 28-Sep-16 03:47:54 UTC from
  10. My credit card company now doesn't let me log in and says, "Please turn Java on in your browser." # #

    Thursday, 25-Aug-16 19:56:28 UTC from Repeated by lnxw48
  11. My credit card company now doesn't let me log in and says, "Please turn Java on in your browser." # #

    Thursday, 25-Aug-16 19:56:28 UTC from
  12. Bots. #

    Monday, 25-Jul-16 22:31:12 UTC from
  13. # asks, "commiting a computer crime". A: hacking #

    Saturday, 09-Jul-16 15:34:42 UTC from
  14. It's just great how this person has their phone make a noise every time they type a letter. #

    Thursday, 07-Jul-16 16:05:24 UTC from
  15. # #

    Sunday, 26-Jun-16 23:06:34 UTC from in context
  16. The state of journalism today, "The is long and it is loud." #

    Tuesday, 21-Jun-16 22:53:14 UTC from in context
  17. @timttmy I had the win7 partition booted up a few weeks back for the first time in many months. It pulled in 30,005 updates! I realized after, that was probably the win10 files coming in. #

    Saturday, 04-Jun-16 16:14:24 UTC from
  18. Back in Amsterdam for a while. Meanwhile, I fixed a *third* lock that had been mounted incorrectly. # # And my architect is debugging his drawings. ;-) #

    Wednesday, 01-Jun-16 10:44:50 UTC from
  19. And we have a bot. #

    Thursday, 26-May-16 21:41:48 UTC from
  20. @jonkulp We had our bank bought out by another ~5 years ago. I had to order new checks out of pocket. Guess what, the current bank was just bought out! #

    Wednesday, 30-Mar-16 20:06:26 UTC from
  21. @nybill @theru and its "Two for Tuesday. Double shots of your favorites back to back all day long." <-read in cheesy American DJ voice #

    Tuesday, 29-Mar-16 15:55:04 UTC from in context
  22. The idiot behind me is playing youtube videos on his phone sitting everyone's lunch. #

    Friday, 11-Mar-16 16:58:24 UTC from in context
  23. "Honey you ain't worth the whiskey." # #

    Thursday, 10-Mar-16 16:22:42 UTC from
  24. Good morning (etc.) !tzag !fediverse - not for me: power was just cut off and will remain off until electrical engineers have replaced all meters, somewhere between 14:00 and 16:00 #

    Thursday, 03-Mar-16 06:46:58 UTC from in context
  25. ^ "However, the boy went home and rushed to cut his # off. The act was welcomed by his father, who reportedly told police he was proud of his son and didn't want the cleric arrested." #!

    Sunday, 17-Jan-16 16:16:24 UTC from
  26. TV news just said, "Take a look at this wild fire that is out of control." That's a bit redundant a little. #

    Saturday, 26-Dec-15 15:02:14 UTC from
  27. Oh my... a X-mas Disco song. Oo #

    Thursday, 24-Dec-15 14:35:59 UTC from
  28. I'm getting a whole bunch of 'kupdates'. #

    Sunday, 29-Nov-15 14:47:08 UTC from
  29. Well, isn't that fun. Seems when you go to edit/preferences to set a home page in Firefox now it says, "Use Current Pages". Of course, you have the preferences open in a tab and it becomes one of the home pages. #

    Sunday, 15-Nov-15 21:59:16 UTC from
  30. @windigo I get contestant scans for /any/path/wordpress/admin stuff. #

    Monday, 26-Oct-15 21:03:05 UTC from

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