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  1. we are gonna be on the live stream at three see you guys there and by we i mean me

    Saturday, 10-Sep-11 20:23:46 UTC from web
    • Any time i hear something i copy paste and then i post also Steele won't be around on Saturday, but don't get mad or whatever. Because I have a plan. Just trust me on this. This isn't actually a problem. Also, the poster came through the post on Tuesday. Thanks very much!

      Saturday, 03-Sep-11 02:18:46 UTC from web
      • @zachariastargazer this isn't a character account its an account for the diamond dogs podcast ( if you where being sarcastic then well im horrible at telling sarcasm)

        Friday, 19-Aug-11 04:18:05 UTC from web

        Sunday, 28-Aug-11 14:45:23 UTC from web
        • Well podcasts are seeming to have a problem rather not talk about it now though. Don't worry we will still be trying to get something up every week

          Sunday, 28-Aug-11 06:54:23 UTC from web
          • Interview with I bring the Lolz is now up.

            Monday, 22-Aug-11 20:50:33 UTC from web
            • Hey guys podcast will be a bit late due to some confusion with recording. We seem to have worked it out so it will still be up. hopefully steele gets my message and buffers it with our interviews

              Monday, 22-Aug-11 00:18:15 UTC from web
              • What tags should we have for this account. I already added podcast im wondering what else we should put. opinons

                Sunday, 21-Aug-11 05:05:29 UTC from web
                • Ya we finished a total of three things today what are they im not telling but you will see them soon

                  Sunday, 21-Aug-11 04:36:22 UTC from web
                  • Recording just about now should get the new podcast up in a day or so so look out.

                    Saturday, 20-Aug-11 12:01:10 UTC from web
                    • Hey, @thediamonddogs, how do I become a guest on The Podcast?

                      Thursday, 28-Jul-11 22:24:29 UTC from web
                    • @britishderpyhooves Hey this is somoking im kinda taking over our blogs now. if you want a crossover please tell us currently our podcast has a line up of guests so it would be better if we appeared on yours. if you want to contact us please use our email

                      Friday, 19-Aug-11 04:25:15 UTC from web
                    • Don't get me wrong, @thediamonddogs did a good first try. But if they or !rbdnpodcast want to be taken seriously (And get on iTunes), you have to drop skype and record in person. Hell, need a good soundbooth? The best one is just sitting inside a car, honestly. Scary but true.

                      Wednesday, 27-Apr-11 00:00:45 UTC from web
                    • Any ways if anypony has any question to ask pinkiepie from the mentally advanced series please send it to us through or through the RBD network

                      Friday, 19-Aug-11 00:58:09 UTC from web
                      • Episode 5 is ready!

                        Wednesday, 27-Jul-11 12:18:44 UTC from web
                        • Well, I finally got round to recording it!

                          Friday, 17-Jun-11 17:49:58 UTC from web
                          • [madnath] Be ready, In a few days I will reveal my master plan. Its something you Dont want to miss.

                            Friday, 27-May-11 21:44:33 UTC from web
                            • [madnath] I have some news regarding one of our co-host's. Grim has decide'd to leave the podcast because of exam's and stuff. We Dont know if it is permanent or temporally but Me and Steele are going to work something out. Watch this space for more news and our collab with the Bronyville folk!

                              Sunday, 15-May-11 18:03:35 UTC from web
                              • Episode 3 is ready!

                                Thursday, 12-May-11 18:05:46 UTC from web
                                • [madnath] We have finished recording episode 3 of the podcast! Expect it to be uploaded soon!

                                  Saturday, 07-May-11 19:31:12 UTC from web
                                  • @thediamonddogs @administrator Just listened to the interview. I enjoyed it.

                                    Tuesday, 03-May-11 22:39:59 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                                    • @administrator [SteeleCratos] oh hi there I finished editing the interview here it is!

                                      Tuesday, 03-May-11 21:39:38 UTC from web
                                    • [SteeleCratos] Our interview with the administrator of this lovely website is now online! You can find the link here:

                                      Tuesday, 03-May-11 21:36:45 UTC from web
                                      • @thediamonddogs done.

                                        Thursday, 28-Apr-11 20:00:57 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                                      • [SteeleCratos] Unfortunately, due to technical issues (THAT WE HAVE RESOLVED THANK HEAVENS) The Diamond Dogs Podcast Episode Three has been delayed. My dearest apologies my friends.

                                        Sunday, 01-May-11 21:02:36 UTC from web
                                        • @scamper [Madnath] Thanks for the recommendation! I will set up an account of and Let us know as soon as your pod cast is ready and we will give it a listen!

                                          Monday, 25-Apr-11 13:38:12 UTC from web
                                        • [Grim] What's that coming over the hill? Is it a podcast? You bet your flank it is!

                                          Sunday, 24-Apr-11 19:25:29 UTC from web
                                        • [Grim] Well, that's annoying as all hell. Podcast will be up tomorrow, thanks to some really inconvenient technical problems.

                                          Saturday, 23-Apr-11 22:42:36 UTC from web
                                          • @thediamonddogs If you want me to listen to your podcast, it would be beneficial for you to link the podcast here so I can actually find it.

                                            Saturday, 23-Apr-11 18:00:46 UTC from web
                                          • [Grim] The Rainbow Dash halloween dress that we mentioned on episode 2's podcast can be seen here:

                                            Saturday, 23-Apr-11 17:56:56 UTC from web