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  • purplebear rainbowcrash592 purplebear massachusetts

    i love music and i am in the sixth grade i am a girl rainbow dash is my favorite pony

  • Elsy macbeth elsymacbeth Elsy macbeth Littlerock city CA

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  • Chris Thorn skyhunter Chris Thorn Clarks Summit PA aka Equestria

    How i became A fan of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic I first saw some MLP posts on a Fan site for the film Avatar called Tree of souls of which I'm a huge fan of, And they where talking about MLP & Bronies and I started wondering what all hype was about, So a few mounts later I was scrolling through CHs on TV and saw that a few EP's of MLP season 3 where on so decided to check out this show that everyone's talking about and to understand why People love this show so much. And Boy I'd wish I'd found out about MLP years sooner the EPs from show to show where amazing in there art style and Writing to the interesting characters of which I related in a lot of ways to, (Rainbow Dash especially) I've only just finished watching the first season so I'm pretty excited to found out what ease this awesome series has to offer! As You can tell I could go on forever talking about talking about MLP, But I really just love how much the show has inspired me with learning to draw, But my one of my mane;) hobbies is weather & landscape photography I upload photos primareily;) to Instagram and Deviant.

  • Jessia volante jessiavolante Jessia volante Littlerock city CA

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  • Stephen Ramos stephen123 Stephen Ramos Melbourne

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  • Turner Gloria turnergloria51 Turner Gloria
  • china chinasourcingbee china guangdong,guangzhou

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  • Angela Zorb gotzorbing Angela Zorb New York

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  • Ashlea alken ashleaalken Ashlea alken Littlerock city CA

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  • George dewinne itzzgeorg George dewinne I live in u.k eastbourne East Sussex

    Well uh I'm 14 and yeah I like mlp XD Love playing the games warframe halo cod gmod battlefield 3 portal (when I get it again) mc rust dayz and a lot of other smack

  • Evan G thecrimson Evan G Saint Cloud, MN, USA

    MLP, WoW, TES, TF2, work, sleep, food, restroom. There's my life story.

  • Elidia mika elidiamika Elidia mika Littlerock city CA

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  • Pokemon Ranger Ellie ellis Pokemon Ranger Ellie
  • Ellie elllie Ellie
  • joe joe
  • Zach T xzakku Zach T BC, Canada
  • rainbow dash the brony rainboydash rainbow dash the brony alabama

    rainbow dash is my top fav pony out of all the ponies

  • Richard Maldonado pandoraianbrony Richard Maldonado Texas

    I like borderlands2 and bioshock2 multiplayer

  • Domonic firedash Domonic Le Mars, Iowa, USA

    I love speed and helping. My 2 favorite carecters of all time are Sonic and Rainbow Dash. They both love speed and are AWESOME!

  • Alexandr Kovalenko gigloho3dormalolgigi Alexandr Kovalenko Moskva
  • Miroslav Stelmah ponyhunter Miroslav Stelmah Russia Moscow

    I love pony ! Very very love pony ))))

  • BibleFr biblefr BibleFr
  • Terica kennet tericakennet Terica kennet Littlerock city CA

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  • Alayna madi alaynamadi Alayna madi Littlerock city CA

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  • Sarah Peterson silvermoonlight Sarah Peterson alabama

    I don't really do a good job explaining myself.

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  • Dora mooray doramooray Dora mooray Whittier, Los Nietos CA

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  • Load Bank Rental loadbankrental Load Bank Rental Jebel Ali Free Zone, P.O. Box 262519, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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  • Zi vulpinewings Zi California

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