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  • Johnson Thu Luong splitshot Johnson Thu Luong Toronto
  • Octavier eggo62 Octavier Canada

    Enjoys soft music

  • Hafþór Ingi Sævarsson professor121 Hafþór Ingi Sævarsson Iceland
  • Corbin Campbell neogreen Corbin Campbell Lancaster, PA

    I just don't know what went wrong.

  • bubblew1 bubblew1 bubblew1 beijing

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  • Calla kando callakando Calla kando Littlerock city ca

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  • Echo Alex mesfigurine Echo Alex Paris

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  • Trenton Bugielski mcfatty12345tb Trenton Bugielski Saugatuck, Michigan, USA

    I like Netflix, school, animorphs, reading, minecraft, doctor who, and pokemon (and of course MLP)

  • greenrider greenrider greenrider california ,us

    i like mlp. tmnt and a few other hobbies and i love watching star wars and the office and i like t shirts and mystery figures and i love pizza and apples

  • Colton DRG coltondrg Colton DRG Aurora, Colorado, United States
  • Any Martin buylatisse Any Martin 691 Columbus Avenue,New York, NY 10025, United States

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  • muficnek muficnek muficnek beijing

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  • Moyric dubreas moyricdubreas Moyric dubreas Littlerock city ca

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  • Cloud Shaker cloudshaker Cloud Shaker Ponyville, Equestria

    Yo, I'm Cloud Shaker! I just moved to Ponyville and I LOVE it here, since I made a couple new friends! Erm...I love all kinds of music, and my hobbies are flying and drawing! So...I-I hope we'll get along fine! ||Cloud is an shy colt, but extremely friendly when you are friends with him!||

  • Rainbow Dash mlpdashie Rainbow Dash Equestria,Ponyville

    hey my name is Rainbow dash! i like flying daring do and the wonderbolts especially my friends i also like adventure! i have a crush on soarin but others say im into apple jack maybe thats true i really dont know about her but my favourite drink is apple cider! its soo good... sweet sweet cider.... oh well next question! are you the real rainbow dash? are you serious... of course... im a pony... ok so thats all about me! hope you like it and uh *whisper* i sorta got a crush on aj... sexuality: streight

  • Iris Adam meinefiguren Iris Adam Berlin

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  • rainbowlover rainbowlover
  • Jack Pidgeon kooldino956 Jack Pidgeon England
  • Frank M. Guzzo shadowwolf Frank M. Guzzo pencil vaniya

    just became a bronie and i love mlp

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  • Daniel ghyron danielghyron Daniel ghyron Littlerock city ca

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  • jane shanny kamagratab jane shanny Los Angeles, CA

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  • Zero Boom zer0xx Zero Boom San Marcos Texas USA
  • sonia miller remedymart sonia miller Silver City, New Mexico, USA,NM 88061

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  • oliviamctammany jaflamooch oliviamctammany jacksonville

    i'm a sweet loving girl i LOVE i mean LOVE mlp

  • Kayla Quincy quincy Kayla Quincy Pleasanton,California

    i love my little pony and i started a fan club at my school

  • Stephen Doorme sirtimer Stephen Doorme Guatemala City

    Just another regular brony who like to joke around, read and sometimes write fanfics, investigate about the history of Equestria and to play poker

  • J scriptnote J Cardiff, Wales


  • Dangle Star danglestar Dangle Star Maryland
  • Chelsea clark chelseaclark Chelsea clark Littlerock city ca

    Build good-skin habits, like employing a moisturizer when skin seems dry, exfoliating skin cells 2 to 3 times weekly, removing makeup everyday with a gentle cleanser and sporting a sunscreen everyday. Build good-skin habits, like employing a moisturizer when skin seems dry, exfoliating skin cells 2 to 3 times weekly, removing makeup everyday with a gentle cleanser and sporting a sunscreen everyday.


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