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  • Jamie Woodward shadebloom Jamie Woodward Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

    I am a brony, especially a big fan of Spitfire and Rainbow Dash. I'm athletic; I ski, Skateboard, Competitive Sailing, Wakeboarding, Soccer, etc. I'm also a gamer and a car geek.

  • Nova fallon novafallon Nova fallon Littlerock city ca

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  • Natalya enz natalyaenz Natalya enz Littlerock city ca

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  • meinehalskette meinehal meinehalskette beijing

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  • Danielle Bores falloutianestuestrian Danielle Bores Ireland
  • Daniel M. Bores falloutequestraexistswhy Daniel M. Bores Ireland
  • Danielle Bores falloutequestran Danielle Bores Ireland
  • John Kent lightingarrow John Kent Fort Collins
  • Aerith durgen aerithdurgen Aerith durgen Littlerock city ca

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  • Melody Tune melodytune Melody Tune UK


  • Sayl fenn saylfenn Sayl fenn Littlerock city ca

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  • janai farn farny101 janai farn Sydney,Australia

    Drawing, Ncis <3 I ship Mcabby ( mcgee and abby) Tiva (Tony and ziva) and jibbs (jenny and Gibbs) I like my little pony. I sorta like 1D but not too much. I'm on YouTube a lot. I like shaytards, CTFxC, pvp, smosh, the fine bros and cimorelli :D oh and I love role playing and the lion king. <3 Rainbow Dash

  • aina barranco raindancer aina barranco Spain

    Im a friendly pony, i love MLP and Digital painting.

  • Clockwise Whooves clockwisewhoo Clockwise Whooves The TARDIS


  • Pizzamovies brony maximus pizzamovies Pizzamovies brony maximus

    i love to make new friends as well as show my passions in any way i can. i love rp and larp as well as sci-fi and fanfics.

  • Dib Membrane dibmembrane Dib Membrane Michigan

    I am a Bronie, whovian, youtuber, gamer, chef, builder and a Human determined to stop the irkins from invading Earth.

  • Sebastian Scrogin somebronysghost72 Sebastian Scrogin Katy,Texas,U.S.A.

    I am an extreme mlp enthusiast i love all of the ponies. I am a gamer/geek.

  • John Hughes bipperpines1989 John Hughes Kansas City, Missouri

    I'm a gay 24 year old brony. I'm socially awkward and have social anxiety outside of the internet world. I have a hard time trying to be social. I have fetal alcohol syndrome, Post traumatic Stress Disorder, ADHD, ADD, Depression, Anxiety, Night terrors. I will admit I like Clop, Yiff, yaio, bara. I do like to draw when I'm bored. Sometimes I will come off a little mean or rude, please don't take it personal It a way of showing that I like you. I just have a hard time to say it even on the internet. I wanna be everyone's friend. My personality is: Random, childish, strange, somewhat creepy, immature, fun loving. I will admit I'm a friend whore who will go on a adding spree like mad crazy.

  • Chris Rotolo equestriancivildefense Chris Rotolo Kewaskum, WI

    Soilder, Military police, DJ, Mechanic, Brony all in one.

  • jason jason5656 jason nyc

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  • amanda amanda31133113 amanda nyc

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  • easycat easycat Iowa City

    I like cartoons, animals, video games, and Jeep Wranglers. Nothing else.

  • ethan weaver rainbowcraft150 ethan weaver moravian falls
  • Obimaru Skywind obimaru Obimaru Skywind Ohio

    My name is Shawn I like music,video games,anime and cartoons.

  • Anibi cari anibicari Anibi cari Littlerock city ca

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  • Chiropractor in Panama City FL chiropractorinpanamacityfl Chiropractor in Panama City FL Panama City, FL, US

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  • Flan bardok flanbardok Flan bardok Littlerock city ca

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  • morgan cox crimsonviper161 morgan cox california

    rainbow dash and the main 6

  • Ryan Staab senorfluffy Ryan Staab USA, PA

    I'm pretty much the human version of Pinkie Pie. Because I love parties, I love to make people laugh and smile. I'm also VERY WEIRD. :D Pretty much it all.

  • Lucia yarrow luciayarrow Lucia yarrow Littlerock city ca

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