Josh Hughes (bobmortis)

  1. !abqbronies whats up guys so i got in contact with wolf reserve and we got a date. here's her response. You said a week in advance??? Hope this is OK......will April 12th work for you all...we are getting Rail Road ties on Friday, 1 pm ish. We will also be loading up a LARGE leather couch & boxes to be brought to Long Leash on Life for their "Yard Sale" that will help raise $$$ for Rescues like mine. Do you all have a truck??? Better to ask & see what you say. :) When we unload the RR Ties , we will need help...BIG HELP. Just let me know. I feed everyone. I haven't killed anyone yet with my cooking. LOL Also have beer (Blue Moon or Guinness, if I've got it) Thank you , Thank you for wanting to help. WHEW! This will take a load off my heart & mind. Blessings , Hugs & Howls! Stephanie & the pack

    Sunday, 07-Apr-13 04:55:32 UTC from web
  2. @xxjasminefireshyxx wow that's a bummer, if you need any thing just ask and we can do every thing in our power to make it so!

    Sunday, 27-Jan-13 06:10:06 UTC from web in context
  3. !abqbronies won't be able to attend any meet-ups, such as game night this week, or next until i get school under control again.

    Saturday, 19-Jan-13 04:42:34 UTC from web
  4. !abqbronies is there a game night this friday?

    Thursday, 27-Dec-12 17:37:52 UTC from web
  5. @thunderclash holy crap! not until you mentioned snap looking forward to that episode!

    Wednesday, 26-Dec-12 03:25:25 UTC from web
  6. !abqbronies won't be able to make this weeks game night.

    Wednesday, 19-Dec-12 01:59:36 UTC from web
  7. !abqbronies happy thanksgiving guys!

    Thursday, 22-Nov-12 15:17:57 UTC from web in context
  8. !abqbronies won't be able to make it to to game night, will be at the rpg though.

    Saturday, 17-Nov-12 00:45:40 UTC from web in context
  9. !abqbronies ill be at the rpg for hoping to make it to Artemis, but not entirely sure.

    Friday, 26-Oct-12 03:48:54 UTC from web
  10. !abqbronies @supnix yep im sure you saw were meeting at kaboom on Wyoming.

    Wednesday, 24-Oct-12 02:20:05 UTC from web
  11. !abqbronies @supnix na the chat comes in burst

    Tuesday, 23-Oct-12 11:26:07 UTC from web
  12. !abqbronies awww yeah a air date time to start planning!

    Thursday, 18-Oct-12 20:39:08 UTC from web
  13. !abqbronies not able to show up for poker tonight, got my nieces birthday dinner at 6.

    Friday, 12-Oct-12 22:52:01 UTC from web
  14. !abqbronies well we have a month now the release is set for November.

    Monday, 01-Oct-12 23:17:23 UTC from web in context
  15. !abqbronies running of the leaves was a lot of fun.....even with the gum covered posters!

    Sunday, 23-Sep-12 22:35:51 UTC from web
  16. !abqbronies im sure the rio rancho bronies will show.

    Tuesday, 18-Sep-12 20:34:27 UTC from web
  17. !abqbronies won't be able to this Fridays meet guys, going o a concert.

    Tuesday, 18-Sep-12 09:25:11 UTC from web in context
  18. !abqbronies @miscelinious right enmu is in bad.

    Friday, 07-Sep-12 03:31:59 UTC from web
  19. !abqbronies @miscelinious hope to see you at the running of the'll be fun, but college always comes first, the soccoro college is enmu right

    Thursday, 06-Sep-12 21:25:38 UTC from web
  20. !abqbronies @raisingthesound well be there at around 7 so don't worry about the time it's kind of late. as for blind bags i know toys r us carry them as well as astro zombies, a comic shop near unm.

    Wednesday, 05-Sep-12 09:42:42 UTC from web in context
  21. !abqbronies @raisingthesound well we're doing a meet up this Friday at active imagination for board games, it's the one on juan tabo and montgomery.

    Tuesday, 04-Sep-12 20:31:09 UTC from web in context
  22. !abqbronies @raisingthesound yes quite active we tend to do things at least once a week.

    Tuesday, 04-Sep-12 09:31:28 UTC from web
  23. @erfunden the picture you sent seems to got cut off some how all i have is the bottom of the feet.

    Wednesday, 29-Aug-12 02:00:02 UTC from web in context
  24. @thepoetzy.....kinda forgot, also i don't remember the name either.

    Wednesday, 29-Aug-12 01:59:22 UTC from web
  25. @erfunden any form works, i can always reformat it.

    Monday, 27-Aug-12 10:15:01 UTC from web
  26. @erfunden hey can you send me you Abqbronies zia oc pony, id like to use it for the forum if that's ok?

    Monday, 27-Aug-12 00:31:08 UTC from web in context
  27. !abqbronies ok on the forum i fixed the issues, now new topic shows in english. just enter a topic and you'll see the button.

    Sunday, 26-Aug-12 23:49:55 UTC from web
  28. @thepoetzy there's a button on the right called nouveau, i don't know why it's called that?

    Sunday, 26-Aug-12 23:47:16 UTC from web
  29. @erfunden yes they do but i think there 20-25 dollars for shirts.

    Sunday, 26-Aug-12 09:48:31 UTC from web in context
  30. !abqbronies meant to say not sure of their quality

    Saturday, 25-Aug-12 01:32:38 UTC from web