1. !abqbronies hey guys... I'm in ABQ. Unfortunately, it's not for a good reason. I've been at the hospital waiting for my mother's recovery. I'm starting to feel lost because she won't get better. I'm feeling hopeless.

    Sunday, 27-Jan-13 01:59:45 UTC from web
    1. @xxjasminefireshyxx I'm sorry you couldn't come under happier circumstances. If you or your mother need anything (Home cooked meal, a friendly ear at a coffee shop to rant to, a meetup to distract you for a bit, a delivery of flowers and balloons) please ask. In any event, I'll keep you and your mother in my prayers.

      Sunday, 27-Jan-13 04:00:07 UTC from web
    2. @xxjasminefireshyxx wow that's a bummer, if you need any thing just ask and we can do every thing in our power to make it so!

      Sunday, 27-Jan-13 06:10:06 UTC from web