Commander Hurricane (cmdrhurricane)

  1. insert Season 5 hype here

    Wednesday, 07-May-14 15:12:43 UTC from web
  2. # The Equestria Games seems to involve a lot of sitting.

    Friday, 02-May-14 17:25:51 UTC from web
  3. @diciestryan I can't quite believe it either. It feels like just yesterday we were introduced to Twicane i mean the mystery box

    Friday, 02-May-14 16:56:46 UTC from web in context
  4. I should go get some breakfast

    Friday, 02-May-14 15:51:57 UTC from api
  5. anyway, right now I'm working on twitter-style navigation - timeline up front, a new page that comes up when you update your status, that sort of thing.

    Friday, 02-May-14 15:43:44 UTC from api
  6. Yay for C# making everything more complicated than it needs to be!

    Friday, 02-May-14 15:41:14 UTC from api
  7. Does anyone know where the public timeline file is at? Their docs just redirect me to the friends_timeline page when I try to look up public_timeline

    Friday, 02-May-14 14:17:39 UTC from api in context
  8. I think I know why other apps are so lackluster. It's because their API documentation consists of no more than three pages.

    Friday, 02-May-14 14:15:52 UTC from api in context
  9. Remember when ponies in vehicles was a fad?

    Friday, 02-May-14 13:51:39 UTC from api in context
  10. and on that bombshell, it's time to end. GOOD NIGHT! *Jessica plays*

    Friday, 02-May-14 04:41:27 UTC from api in context
  11. finally tonight, here's the RDN app icon. it's actually something i made for an earlier project of mine.

    Friday, 02-May-14 04:36:23 UTC from api in context
  12. @rarity Yep.

    Friday, 02-May-14 04:34:26 UTC from web in context
  13. @rarity I'd post a reply to this from the in-progress WP app but it's so primitive it doesn't even support replying yet, lol

    Friday, 02-May-14 04:31:21 UTC from web in context
  14. @techdisk Well, @binki has an Android device. Might try poking him to make an Android version of this app.

    Friday, 02-May-14 04:30:04 UTC from web in context
  15. Weird, the Minecraft server keeps kicking me off (Pretending to be 1.7.8) when I'm already playing on 1.7.8...

    Friday, 02-May-14 03:23:56 UTC from web
  16. i warn you though, it's very primitive!

    Friday, 02-May-14 01:36:43 UTC from api
  17. Curious ponies can now download the source code to the RDN app as well as a precompiled package at

    Friday, 02-May-14 01:36:00 UTC from api
  18. Do we want to call these messages "status updates" or do we want to call them something clever?

    Friday, 02-May-14 01:11:18 UTC from api
  19. @mrmattimation The app pictured is only for Windows Phone as that's all I have. @binki has an Android-capable device so I might bug him to work on an Android version once we get the basics down in the WP app.

    Friday, 02-May-14 00:12:48 UTC from web in context
  20. keeping with the spirit of, this app's source code will also be up on github if the staff don't mind.

    Friday, 02-May-14 00:07:36 UTC from api
  21. Obligatory app screenshot. It's not pretty, but it (finally) works.

    Friday, 02-May-14 00:03:12 UTC from web in context
  22. Hello Rainbow Dash Network from the RDN app that me and @binki are writing.

    Friday, 02-May-14 00:01:19 UTC from api
  23. hahahahaha the API app works! with thanks to (non-brony but still awesome) friend @binki

    Thursday, 01-May-14 23:55:12 UTC from web
  24. hi there!

    Thursday, 01-May-14 23:54:36 UTC from api
  25. I guess those ads on Derpibooru are working though.

    Thursday, 01-May-14 23:32:45 UTC from api
  26. @redenchilada I haven't even gotten that far yet; I'm fighting with Microsoft .NET

    Thursday, 01-May-14 22:21:16 UTC from web in context
  27. I am not having fun writing this app.

    Thursday, 01-May-14 22:17:10 UTC from web in context
  28. The app crashes when you try posting a status update. Thats progress, right?

    Thursday, 01-May-14 17:11:27 UTC from api in context
  29. Sometimes, I really hate working on apps. Especially when the documentation says something will work for your platform and it doesnt.

    Thursday, 01-May-14 16:21:23 UTC from api
  30. Right. It helps when you actually spell your username right.

    Thursday, 01-May-14 15:16:50 UTC from api


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