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  1. When i freaking put hundreds of money on my paypal account to buy little witch academia collector's edition from ebay but paypal still requires an international credit card for internatial purchases >:(

    Friday, 16-Mar-18 16:43:22 UTC from web
    • @mushi see now I am worried when Japan releases those Equestria girl statues, and if they do look amazing, I will want it and have this problem. Luckily I befriended one person in every country to solve that problem. Estonia is still a great name for a country.

      Saturday, 17-Mar-18 04:16:39 UTC in context
  2. Jesus Potato Knishesing christ how many Atelier games are there

    Friday, 16-Mar-18 13:50:59 UTC from
  3. Anyway, i should buy atelier fioris someday, but i seem to have bought more games than i can play during my scholarship times (i'm a slow player), ao i will try to buy only the essential ones for now

    Friday, 16-Mar-18 16:06:33 UTC from web
  4. .

    Friday, 16-Mar-18 16:05:29 UTC from web
  5. lol, how did that even get popular note :v

    Friday, 16-Mar-18 15:54:42 UTC from web
  6. Mushi drinks detergent, gains the ability to use bubble beam

    Sunday, 11-Mar-18 07:55:12 UTC from
  7. super smash loss

    Monday, 12-Mar-18 03:32:39 UTC from web
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      Wednesday, 07-Mar-18 13:31:04 UTC from web
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      Tuesday, 06-Mar-18 13:08:21 UTC from web
    • Someone took this great pic of me while playing the love live quizz, we had to slap that honoka's had so that our team could answer the question. They picked me to run ecause i got long legs :v

      Sunday, 04-Mar-18 23:45:31 UTC from web
    • <3

      Sunday, 04-Mar-18 23:38:01 UTC from web
    • Brazilian scene out of context

      Sunday, 04-Mar-18 23:37:37 UTC from web
    • well, i might also be that tired due to the ammount of time i spent under the buring sun today

      Sunday, 04-Mar-18 00:39:11 UTC from web
    • anyway, i feel exausted now. i need to shut myself in again for soem time

      Sunday, 04-Mar-18 00:27:58 UTC from web
      • i Almost played pokemon TCG with a cute girl today, i have not been that nervous in a while D=

        Sunday, 04-Mar-18 00:08:18 UTC from web
      • "no bycile

        Thursday, 01-Mar-18 16:20:11 UTC from web
        • Tomorrow i will either turn into a MAster or a loser!

          Tuesday, 27-Feb-18 21:15:14 UTC from web
        • se grew up so much in one year!

          Sunday, 25-Feb-18 01:01:14 UTC from web
          • I"ve had this little demon for a whole year now!

            Friday, 23-Feb-18 00:10:06 UTC from web
            • one week and my post grad is over!

              Wednesday, 21-Feb-18 21:35:11 UTC from web
              • Doggy died =(

                Wednesday, 14-Feb-18 21:53:28 UTC from web
              • I'm drawing a cute spider thingy !art

                Thursday, 08-Feb-18 04:47:43 UTC from web
              • @mushi So whats new? Any more horses in your collection yet?

                Thursday, 01-Feb-18 21:27:57 UTC from MuSTArDroid
              • My doggie got cancer =(

                Tuesday, 06-Feb-18 00:32:36 UTC from web
              • Trying to draw human, i'm pretty happy with it :3

                It is Adenine from xenoblade 2

                Wednesday, 24-Jan-18 01:17:51 UTC from web
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                  Saturday, 20-Jan-18 21:43:42 UTC from web
                • How does this tablet works if the pen doesnt require batteries?

                  Thursday, 18-Jan-18 21:19:33 UTC from web
                • FInally got my tablet working. I did the same thing over and over again untill it decided to work

                  Thursday, 18-Jan-18 21:15:24 UTC from web
                  • i bougt a bamboo pen after my cat lost my old tablet's pen but i cant make the pressure work! I hate PC stuff, everything is too complicate D=

                    Wednesday, 17-Jan-18 20:50:41 UTC from web
                  • Well, i read that you can fix the pressure by going on Services and restarting the tabletwacomservice, but it is not even there D=

                    Wednesday, 17-Jan-18 21:27:13 UTC from web