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  1. i drew a girls scratching her dog's belly

    Monday, 14-Jan-19 22:55:13 UTC from web
  2. i just learned that my adv. organic chem professor is from latvia .

    Friday, 02-Nov-18 13:11:34 UTC from web
    • .

      Thursday, 18-Oct-18 00:16:41 UTC from web
      • Momo Knows it

        Monday, 15-Oct-18 21:07:01 UTC from web
        • @nerthos because if it is. I'd say having a presitend who says children die because the mothers have cavities, that platypus milk is an amazonian product and is is constantly saying he supports the military dictature is not not my biggest dream

          Saturday, 13-Oct-18 14:25:04 UTC from web
        • @mushi So what are your feelings on the first round results?

          Monday, 08-Oct-18 05:15:05 UTC from web
        • not to imply anything, but i was watching a documentary on drugs on natgeo today and i had the curiosity to look at the ecstasy's molecule and as coincidetal as it seems, it seems it can be done with a reaction i saw just today studying for advanced organic chemistry

          Tuesday, 02-Oct-18 04:14:37 UTC from web
          • well, this is random and pretty pointless since noeory will really care. But i'd just like to apaolgize for going full retard with all that Twilight thing back then. Really, i dont know how it got to that....

            Friday, 27-Jul-18 03:02:13 UTC from web
            • i dont know how the hell i'm going to the doctorate selection exam in the wednesday if it keeps like this. ANd knwo the post grad secretary, they could probably wait untill we're 30 mins waiting for the exam to let us know that they had delayed it

              Saturday, 26-May-18 21:17:01 UTC from web
              • well, my japanese test got delayed because of the chaotic state of the country :v

                Saturday, 26-May-18 16:37:06 UTC from web
              • hah mei's face is on a butt

                Thursday, 24-May-18 03:18:13 UTC from web
                • i love it when i find headlines that begin with "MAn in florida"

                  Thursday, 24-May-18 03:01:11 UTC from web
                • Bible for minecrafters

                  Thursday, 24-May-18 02:40:06 UTC from web
                  • .

                    Thursday, 24-May-18 02:35:01 UTC from web
                    • I cant beleive minna no nihongo literally showed 2 dicks

                      Tuesday, 22-May-18 22:45:26 UTC from web
                      • i watched the new boku no hero episode with my imouto's friends and i think that is as intimate i ever got with a girl *thinking emoji*

                        Sunday, 20-May-18 04:36:56 UTC from web
                      • !art drawing a thingy i thought would be cute

                        Saturday, 19-May-18 01:04:14 UTC from web
                      • Good to see game devs finally care for what is really important

                        Friday, 27-Apr-18 21:55:09 UTC from web
                        • my little witch academia collector edition just came!

                          Thursday, 26-Apr-18 20:17:08 UTC from web
                          • if capitalism is so good how come there isn't capitalism 2?

                            Thursday, 26-Apr-18 17:22:10 UTC from web
                            • if communism is so good how come there isn't communism 2?

                              Thursday, 26-Apr-18 17:21:52 UTC from web
                              • When konami lets americans creat yugioh cards

                                Thursday, 26-Apr-18 17:14:48 UTC from web
                                • So, i wachted yesterday on nickelodeon an Ad of a music group named "beetles for kids". As the beetles songs so family unfriendly that they need to have a version for kids?
                                  I am music illiterate, BTW

                                  Sunday, 22-Apr-18 23:31:29 UTC from web
                                  • @mushi No, I think it's more a matter of the Beatles being so kid-friendly that it's easy to make an adaptation. Also, licensing the rights to use Beatles songs is harder and more expensive than licensing the remake rights and then licensing the remake for use, so if you're already doing a cover you might as well special purpose it.

                                    Monday, 23-Apr-18 13:44:36 UTC in context
                                • That sounds like a healthy festival where nothing could go wrong

                                  Wednesday, 11-Apr-18 22:33:28 UTC from web
                                  • Mushi marries a caterpillar

                                    Friday, 30-Mar-18 17:10:04 UTC from
                                  • .

                                    Friday, 16-Mar-18 16:41:08 UTC from web
                                  • Youtube confirmed for Normie

                                    Friday, 16-Mar-18 19:27:59 UTC from web
                                    • Anyway, i got sploon 2 yesterday

                                      Friday, 16-Mar-18 16:58:46 UTC from web
                                    • @lain It should be banned for reinforcing the fake idea that oppai is better than flat

                                      Friday, 16-Mar-18 16:45:55 UTC from
                                    • A jojo drawing by the creator of yugioh :3

                                      Friday, 16-Mar-18 16:45:55 UTC from web