1. Are people out of school yet? Anyway, I'll try this again... !SoCal and !LAbronies - Anyone interested in hitting up the Los Angeles Fair? I'm sure one could find a deep fried muffin there. I'm thinking of the 25th, it's a Sunday, plenty of notice, neither opening nor closing weekend.

    Friday, 02-Sep-11 22:08:54 UTC from web
    1. @scribus Thad be awesome!!! Im not sure if I can make it that day though, ive had a real problem going to the meetings since a lot of the recent ones werent in LA and just being busy. But If I could make it I'd love to go =)

      Sunday, 04-Sep-11 14:49:17 UTC from web
      1. @lepony Well, the fair's not in LA proper, but it is the LA County Fair, at least. !LAbronies !SoCal

        Sunday, 04-Sep-11 14:51:27 UTC from web
        1. @scribus yeah I'll tr to make it, ill let u know =)

          Sunday, 04-Sep-11 14:54:13 UTC from web
          1. @lepony Groovy. Hopefully it'll get a few more attendees.

            Sunday, 04-Sep-11 14:55:43 UTC from web
            1. @scribus hopefully ^-^

              Sunday, 04-Sep-11 14:57:20 UTC from web