1. !ponytoycollectors 2420 E. Chapman Ave. - Well, they're toys, and they're technically poni, but... no.

    Tuesday, 19-Apr-11 20:32:42 UTC from StatusNet Android
    1. @scribus I am Rainbow Dash shuddering in a corner.

      Tuesday, 19-Apr-11 20:36:45 UTC from web
      1. @starshine @thewolverine They had minis from some prior gen, too, a 3pack of "Pinkie Pie," "Rainbow Dash" and "Scootaloo." If only they weren't offensively bad (and the wrong gen) it'd be quite the shipstorm. :p

        Tuesday, 19-Apr-11 20:54:03 UTC from web
        1. @scribus "These are not the ponies I'm looking for" indeed.

          Tuesday, 19-Apr-11 20:56:18 UTC from web
    2. @scribus Ew, those toys are hideous.

      Tuesday, 19-Apr-11 20:38:59 UTC from StatusNet Desktop