1. Hardly minutes awake and I'm already considering drawing Apple Bloom today.

    Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 12:29:45 UTC from web
    1. @retl I am of the opinion that Sweetie Belle would be the better choice.

      Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 12:31:03 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
      1. @ceruleanspark If I were shooting to get it up on EqD because of the timing, Sweetie definitely would be the better choice. But for what I have in mind, I'm not sure I'll even post the pic on the net if I finish it. Or if I do, I'll be a niche site.

        Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 12:34:17 UTC from web
        1. @retl Oho. Which Niche?

          Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 12:36:48 UTC from TTYtter
          1. @ceruleanspark For once, it's not the balloon one.

            Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 12:44:05 UTC from web
            1. @retl You're a pony of many niches it seems.

              Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 12:44:47 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
              1. @ceruleanspark I wonder how many of them are actually properties of me from experience, and how many are just fleeting curiosity. But yeah, I won't disagree with that statement. But that fact that for most of these topics, there are sites made by other people dedicated to it, I don't have to feel alone. And I don't have to uncomfortably shovel all the things I like into labeled bins where they don't belong. THAT SAID. I HAVE YET TO SEE A WEBSITE DEDICATED TO BUTTSHOTS FROM CHILDREN'S CARTOONS AND ARTISTS ON THE WEB WHY IS THIS NOT A THING MAYBE I SHOULD GO MAKE IT AND CALL IT PLOT BOORU wait I'm already paying for enough websites, SOMEPONY GO MAKE IT. OR SOMEONE I DON'T REALLY CARE POST ROBOT BUTTS and maybe some pony !plot too.

                Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 12:51:59 UTC from web
                1. @retl You should consolidate all your websites onto a single box somewhere. I'm pretty sure mediatemple will happily do multiple vhosts on a single plan. Rest assured, no matter how unusual tastes are you're never alone. This is the internet!

                  Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 12:54:25 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                  1. @ceruleanspark I have most of my sites on one box, but I also like keeping smaller projects on smaller sites that I don't have to pay on and all. The reason for this is that my smaller projects with less time involved aren't going to be a big loss if they poof individually. But if my main site goes down or gets nuked for one reason or another, I've just lost multiple gigs of data that would be almost unrealistic for me to re-download and backup locally.

                    Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 13:17:16 UTC from web
                2. @retl @ceruleanspark Unless it's like kiddy porn or something, then we crucify you... literally

                  Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 12:58:25 UTC from web
                  1. @colfax Unless you're on furaffinity, in which case nobody will give any murdocks.

                    Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 13:04:27 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                  2. @colfax @ceruleanspark Depends on if Col mean KP in the sense of the actual thing, or the drawing of fictional characters that have an arbitrary age a bit. One interpretation is kinda the expected average response for almost any developed culture on the planet as it kinda requires acts on other real living humans. The other tends to require some amount of misleading logic to be described in a similar way. In either case, I'm pretty sure nopony on RDN wants to be associated with the subject of cp.

                    Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 13:15:02 UTC from web
    2. @retl *cuddles* Awww...just awoken Retl, so adorable. :3 Sounds like a productive use of your time. I can hardly resist Applebloom hehe.

      Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 12:31:12 UTC from web
      1. @jinny <3 SO MUCH BLOOM

        Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 12:34:30 UTC from web
        1. @retl "<3 SO MUCH BLOOM" And this line taken out of context is why we have so many brown/grey/orange/GRAGE colored shooters.

          Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 12:36:12 UTC from web
          1. @retl Bloom? Why not AppleBloom.

            Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 12:37:33 UTC from web
            1. @mrdragon I WANT TO SNUG IT ALL UP

              Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 12:41:02 UTC from web
              1. @retl SNUG SNUG SNUG!!!!

                Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 12:41:31 UTC from web
          2. @retl Ugh...yes. hehe. Make a modern game by making it look as muddy as possible. Because Brown is totally the only colour that makes things look real hehe.

            Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 12:41:37 UTC from web
        2. @retl Yes hehe, she's adorable. :3 Kung-Fu Applebloom :3

          Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 12:40:46 UTC from web
          1. @jinny YOU CAN SEE INTO MY MIND!?!? Well, actually, I was thinking of drawing a certain kind of pic involving her in her Show Stoppers outfit, and since her dance takes after her martial arts... :3

            Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 12:41:48 UTC from web
            1. @retl Great minds think alike Retl dear. ^^ *snug snug* That sounds great though hehe. Much less like smut than the things I've been drawing lately too. ;)

              Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 12:45:17 UTC from web
              1. @jinny Wait what SMUT!? I LOVE SMUT, SMUT IS (almost) MY FAVORITE! <3

                Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 12:47:18 UTC from web
                1. @retl Hehe, smut is great hehe. :3 How did you know I love the old Mega Man cartoon dear? xD

                  Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 12:48:39 UTC from web
                  1. @jinny Our T-Link has become strong enough that we can SEE INTO THE SOULS OF MERE MORTAL PONIES or something.

                    Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 12:53:01 UTC from web
                    1. @retl Yes, we can spy on their souls, and their inner most thoughts. Then giggle about what we see. hehe.

                      Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 12:54:05 UTC from web
                      1. @jinny <3 The most entertaining part of the day.

                        Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 13:19:48 UTC from web
                        1. @retl Yes hehe, we shall have to do this more often dear. ^^

                          Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 13:21:04 UTC from web
                    2. @retl is a T-Link one higher than an S-Link?

                      Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 12:56:14 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                      1. @ceruleanspark CORRECT It also allows for the use of T-Link Knuckle.

                        Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 13:19:30 UTC from web
                2. @retl You and the pickle should hang out. He loves X. X is his favourite.

                  Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 12:48:49 UTC from StatusNet Desktop