1. # (I don't even know why I post as macintosh anymore, more subscribers I reckon ;D) #

    Sunday, 24-Apr-11 02:26:46 UTC from web
    1. @macintosh BIG MAC! YOU'RE BACK! *brohoof* ow....

      Sunday, 24-Apr-11 02:27:51 UTC from web
      1. @epictwo Evenin', buddy. Long time no see. 'N sorry, I got big hooves...

        Sunday, 24-Apr-11 02:38:25 UTC from web
        1. @macintosh it's okay. Hey Big mac, I've known you for a long tiome. ...What do I do If I want to commit suicide...?

          Sunday, 24-Apr-11 02:43:16 UTC from web
          1. @epictwo ah do hope yer jokin', buddy. There are things ya joke about 'n things ya don't #

            Sunday, 24-Apr-11 02:46:12 UTC from web
            1. @macintosh I'm not....

              Sunday, 24-Apr-11 02:49:08 UTC from web
              1. @epictwo Then get those thoughts out of your head right now, okay? You're scarin' me, bud...

                Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:01:06 UTC from web
                1. @macintosh okay..... I'll try....

                  Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:01:32 UTC from web
                  1. @epictwo Don't let me catch you talkin' like that ever again, ya hear me? What even made you think like that in the first place?

                    Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:06:23 UTC from web
                    1. @macintosh well.... I pulled a prank on Fialvert by painting his house and I felt bad for myself....

                      Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:07:28 UTC from web
                      1. @epictwo # I didn't know about this, WHY DOES NO ONE TELL ME WHAT I MISSED.

                        Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:08:39 UTC from web
                        1. @fialvert erm.... *walks backwards slowly*

                          Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:09:49 UTC from web
                          1. @epictwo I don't care, man. I have enough problems, and the place needed painting. Seriously, just /don't/ consider turning to suicide for such trivial prankings. I end up getting injured daily, and...y'know, I just want a NORMAL DAY FOR ONCE.

                            Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:11:06 UTC from web
                            1. @fialvert s-sorry!

                              Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:12:26 UTC from web
                              1. @epictwo It's fine, man. Just...try and relax. Heh, I sound silly ,seein' as I was shot today. And I'm not exactly mentally stable. But you're a good friend, and I don't want to see ya gone so fast, okay? *grins*

                                Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:13:20 UTC from web
                                1. @fialvert okay... *nervous grin*

                                  Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:13:41 UTC from web
                                  1. @epictwo Alright then. Just sayin'... I gotta go do somethin', I'll talk to ya later. *heads upstairs* ...Hey, Mewzs? I need to talk to ya, if you're up to it.

                                    Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:15:16 UTC from web
                                    1. @fialvert Sure Fial, what's up?

                                      Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:16:18 UTC from web
                                      1. @mewzs ...Ya mentioned...visions. What did ya mean?

                                        Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:17:06 UTC from web
                                        1. @fialvert Well, you see, in my visions, I can see things before they happen... I actually have /eyesight/ in my visions... I know it isn't normal.

                                          Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:20:11 UTC from web
                                          1. @mewzs Don't worry about it, I'm seen a lot in the two weeks I've lived here...but...what kind of things?

                                            Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:21:25 UTC from web
                                            1. @fialvert Sometimes it's insignificant stuff, but other times... I can see a pony's demise years before it actually happens.

                                              Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:24:12 UTC from web
                                              1. @mewzs ...Have ya seen anything regarding yourself? Or anyone ya know personally? I'm assuming that you foresaw your parents demise..

                                                Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:26:06 UTC from web
                                                1. @fialvert *nods* I saw their deaths, but didn't act on it. They died naturally. My own death, however... *shivers*

                                                  Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:28:34 UTC from web
                                                  1. @mewzs ....d-did you see my death...?

                                                    Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:29:13 UTC from web
                                                    1. @epictwo # How'd you get to the library's second floor?

                                                      Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:30:11 UTC from web
                                                      1. @mewzs OOC Follow Fialvert secretly.

                                                        Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:31:39 UTC from web
                                                  2. @mewzs ....What. Tell me. At best, I could see if I could get somepony to talk with Death, see how long ya got...but then again, I don't think anypony wants to know how long they have.

                                                    Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:29:57 UTC from web
                                                    1. @fialvert *shakes head* I already know how long I have. It plagues me every day. A positive outlook on life is the only thing that keeps me going, aside from you and Twilight.

                                                      Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:32:20 UTC from web
                                                      1. @mewzs ...I'm sorry to hear that, Mewzs. Well, while ya may know when ya will die, there is nothing stopping you from making the best of the time ya have left.

                                                        Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:36:36 UTC from web
                                                        1. @fialvert Exactly! That's been my approach ever since I found out my death clock.

                                                          Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:38:23 UTC from web
                                                          1. @mewzs Also, Mewzs, in case ya didn't know..The reason we keep you out of some things isn't because we think you're useless, since you're blind, we just care about ya. We don't want to see you to get hurt. And I apologize if I ever seem cold, it's just...*sigh* Nothing normal ever happens to me.

                                                            Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:46:10 UTC from web
                                                            1. @fialvert *nods* I understand, Fial. *playful nudge* I'd imagine me predicting death itself is nothing compared to what you go through everyday.

                                                              Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:48:31 UTC from web
                                                              1. @mewzs Indeed. But ya get used to it....kinda. Well, Mewzs...thanks for tellin' me. If ya need anything, or if you ever see anything about anypony else...tell us, will ya?

                                                                Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:50:32 UTC from web
                                                                1. @fialvert Will do. G'night! ...... Oh, and one more thing, please don't tell Twilight about this. *heads off to bed*

                                                                  Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:53:54 UTC from web
                                                                  1. @mewzs I won't, Mewzs. She'd worry about ya far too much..

                                                                    Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:54:25 UTC from web
                                                                    1. *closes door, goes to sleep*

                                                                      Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:56:29 UTC from web
                                                                  2. @mewzs @fialvert I won't tell either....

                                                                    Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:55:05 UTC from web
                                                      2. @mewzs @fialvert *comes from behind Fialvert* Yeah! We could help you!

                                                        Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:38:12 UTC from web
                                                        1. @epictwo Dude, no offense, but why are you in here? I don't remember inviting you...

                                                          Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:38:58 UTC from web
                                                          1. @fialvert erm... I... was just curious....

                                                            Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:40:23 UTC from web
                                    2. @fialvert okay. *secretly follows*

                                      Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:18:45 UTC from web
                      2. @epictwo That's no reason to go thinkin' so dark-like now! Jeez, is that all? Yer like a little brother ta me, bud. Just because yer my friend doesn't really give me the right to stop ya when yer actin' like a foal. But hey, don't think so depressed-like! Ya got friends here that love ya!

                        Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:11:07 UTC from web
                        1. @macintosh okay.....

                          Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:12:16 UTC from web
                          1. @epictwo I'm not convinced, bud. Promise me now! And I'm not mad or anythin', just a bit startled!

                            Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:13:38 UTC from web
                            1. @macintosh Okay. I promise not to get depressed again! *mutters*i hope...

                              Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:18:27 UTC from web
    2. @macintosh #

      Sunday, 24-Apr-11 02:28:13 UTC from web
      1. @loak #!

        Sunday, 24-Apr-11 02:38:37 UTC from web