1. To tell you guys the truth, I originally planed this place to be a place for fanfic writers to update the public about their fan pieces, or for people to share their art, or tell people about the locations of new toys etc. Right now, 70% of posts are RP. and this was kinda unexpected. I may need to install a separate RP board. The original rush of people that came in after EQD are not logging in, and RP may be contributing factor. I'm not saying don't RP, but this is not what I had in mind.

    Monday, 25-Apr-11 22:47:19 UTC from web
    1. @administrator Understandable, do whacha' gotta do.

      Monday, 25-Apr-11 22:48:24 UTC from web
    2. @administrator # A seperate RP board is what we've all been pining for, to be honest. I never spoke up for fear that somepony would take offense. I still think a second RP-only board would be a nice touch.

      Monday, 25-Apr-11 22:50:30 UTC from web
    3. @administrator Well, that's pretty much what seemed appealing about RDN to me (even if I am pretty low in the drawfriend/writefriend food chain). There are groups that are dedicated to this, but their posts get lost in the public timeline under so many RP posts. Again, not that RP posts shouldn't be allowed, but perhaps it'd be better for everyone if we learn of a way to keep it separate.

      Monday, 25-Apr-11 22:56:24 UTC from web
    4. @administrator # While I, for one, like the idea of a new board for !rp, I'd like to know what that would mean for posters such as me. While I am not among those who !rp every day, I feel my posts often walk the line between chatter and roleplay.

      Monday, 25-Apr-11 22:59:26 UTC from web
      1. @zecora Hello Zecora.

        Monday, 25-Apr-11 23:01:55 UTC from web
    5. @administrator Oh hey, "to share their art" is exactly why I joined. And the amount of RP doesn't quite surprise me, but I really wouldn't mind a new sever for it. Really, really wouldn't mind. Really, really, really... [etc]

      Tuesday, 26-Apr-11 06:10:43 UTC from web