1. soo anyone have a name for an engineer? Hes a hard working down to earth type guy, who works on a spaceship...

    Wednesday, 30-Nov-11 23:07:52 UTC from web
    1. @belmor >down to Earth >on a spaceship SOMETHING IS WRONG HERE.

      Wednesday, 30-Nov-11 23:09:19 UTC from web
      1. @mastertdi Think Scoty

        Wednesday, 30-Nov-11 23:13:28 UTC from web
        1. @belmor, I prefer thinking about animals and rainbows. But on the engineer name thing, how about something like Rusty?

          Wednesday, 30-Nov-11 23:14:48 UTC from web
          1. @mastertdi Hmm, rusty. I like that. Thanks a bunch.

            Wednesday, 30-Nov-11 23:16:20 UTC from web
            1. @belmor, happy to be of service. c:

              Wednesday, 30-Nov-11 23:16:41 UTC from web

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