1. Just head about the RBDN site split. I'm glad about this, I love all the Role players they entertain me but it was filling up said public timeline >_> Also whats up # ?

    Tuesday, 26-Apr-11 19:26:32 UTC from web
    1. @rainbowdash1911 Hey there - not a whole lot here; Just reviewing a bit for a Chem Exam this evening. Yeah, the split should be interesting - we'll see how it all works.

      Tuesday, 26-Apr-11 19:27:37 UTC from web
      1. @haganbmj Ugh, hate chem, good luck though. But yes it will, kind worried about how many people will be left...

        Tuesday, 26-Apr-11 19:29:00 UTC from web
        1. @rainbowdash1911 Yeah... Chem D: - lol - We shall see though, I'd assume a large number would stick around.

          Tuesday, 26-Apr-11 19:50:34 UTC from web
    2. # @rainbowdash1911 You're welcome to swing round the new section any time in my opinion.

      Tuesday, 26-Apr-11 19:28:18 UTC from web
      1. @chipthe3rd Haha thanks! You guys are waaayy busy though with the RP lol sometimes hard to follow but hey, continue on :P

        Tuesday, 26-Apr-11 19:30:12 UTC from web
    3. @rainbowdash1911 Doing physics homework :P

      Tuesday, 26-Apr-11 19:29:52 UTC from web
      1. @nutterguy Oooo, I actually enjoy Physics. Besides the homework part, how are you liking it?

        Tuesday, 26-Apr-11 19:31:18 UTC from web