1. It's been over a month since the last !bacon BLASPHEMY

    Friday, 23-Dec-11 17:13:00 UTC from web
    1. @madflavors We all obviously need to eat !bacon way, waaay more often. Why isn't it a tradition to eat bacon on Christmas?

      Friday, 23-Dec-11 17:17:53 UTC from web
      1. @flaxx if it's not then it should be

        Friday, 23-Dec-11 17:19:15 UTC from web
        1. @madflavors Agreed. Something should be done about this.

          Friday, 23-Dec-11 17:20:21 UTC from web
          1. @flaxx certainly

            Friday, 23-Dec-11 17:21:55 UTC from web
            1. @madflavors I should go ask my mom if we can have bacon on the table tomorrow.

              Friday, 23-Dec-11 17:25:02 UTC from web
              1. @flaxx we have pre-made bacon here. all i do is microwave some bacon and eat it whenever i want.....really it's a wonder i'm not 500 pounds.

                Friday, 23-Dec-11 17:26:47 UTC from web
                1. @madflavors Microwave? Bah. I fry my bacon. In butter.

                  Friday, 23-Dec-11 17:29:30 UTC from web
                  1. @flaxx so do I, just not as often.

                    Friday, 23-Dec-11 17:30:39 UTC from web
      2. @flaxx It's traditional here to wrap pork sausages in bacon and then serve them up with the roast dinner.

        Friday, 23-Dec-11 17:20:07 UTC from web
        1. @thelastgherkin I can't believe that's not tradition in Sweden. That sounds like the best thing ever.

          Friday, 23-Dec-11 17:20:45 UTC from web
          1. @flaxx It is illegally delicious.

            Friday, 23-Dec-11 17:23:17 UTC from web
            1. @thelastgherkin Obviously. My mom sometimes wraps chicken in bacon. It's awesome.

              Friday, 23-Dec-11 17:25:27 UTC from web
              1. @flaxx Whack some cheese on between the bacon and the chicken and job's a good'un.

                Friday, 23-Dec-11 17:27:35 UTC from web
                1. @thelastgherkin My mom actually put cheese in the chicken once, and even though I'm not much for cheese, it was delicious.

                  Friday, 23-Dec-11 17:30:09 UTC from web