1. ...*rises up, stumbling his way over to Logic* Ya cherries! *slap* ...I feel all...funny...

    Thursday, 28-Apr-11 23:10:00 UTC from web
    1. @fialvert *winces* That stung a bit. And what you're feeling right now? Probably all that I suppressed over the years....Especially those /urges/. Eheheh.

      Thursday, 28-Apr-11 23:11:09 UTC from web
      1. @fialvert He walked over to the two. @logic "I have never seen you before."

        Thursday, 28-Apr-11 23:12:41 UTC from web
        1. @desmondreznov *swirls around* your service. Damn these headaches...

          Thursday, 28-Apr-11 23:13:36 UTC from web
    2. @fialvert @logic *stares dully* Huh... Sort of odd... He split into two... Tired... *closes eyes*

      Thursday, 28-Apr-11 23:12:35 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
    3. @logic "So... your logic" He turned to @fialvert "And your... emotion?"

      Thursday, 28-Apr-11 23:17:21 UTC from web
      1. @desmondreznov That would be Emotion, yes. He goes by Fialvert, now. However, we may reform at any moment, he must speak the code phrase, however.

        Thursday, 28-Apr-11 23:18:42 UTC from web