1. @stecissunrise Oh man that would be awesome! Do you reckon you would be able to do a really good version of the Yorkshire OC for it? :D

    Saturday, 07-Jan-12 23:12:51 UTC from web
    1. @klayking I approve this idea

      Saturday, 07-Jan-12 23:16:38 UTC from web
    2. @klayking Draw him in? Of course!

      Saturday, 07-Jan-12 23:23:44 UTC from web
      1. @stecissunrise Man that will be awesome! I'm not so sure on the details yet other than it is planned for Leeds, hopefully on the 28th. Hopefully we can finalise the details by next week, which gives plenty of time for people to arrange travel!

        Saturday, 07-Jan-12 23:32:56 UTC from web
        1. @klayking !yorkshire I'm thinking if we get an advert like this poster up somewhere good we'd beat sheffield in terms of numbers, we could always ask the meetup king Rotation if he's interested in part-taking but he hasn't been seen (at least by me) in about a week so... !uk !midlands !lincsyorkshirebronies OI! You lot! Potential meetup in Leeds on the 28th! You interested?

          Saturday, 07-Jan-12 23:37:26 UTC from web