1. !ponyartists !midwestbronies !iowabronies If anyone is going to Anime Spark in February I'll be having a table in the Artist's Alley. ;3 I'll be selling a variety of buttons at the con and I'll also be doing take home commissions of pony badges, character sketch pages, and custom buttons. Come see me! :D

    Sunday, 08-Jan-12 06:26:09 UTC from web
    1. @rainbowrevolver wish i could go, but i live on the coast. do u have a deviantart page?

      Sunday, 08-Jan-12 06:28:01 UTC from web
      1. @shadowlight I don't really use my DA very often. xD I will be making an example sheet along with a bunch of designs I'm doing before the con so, I could show that to you once I'm finished. :3

        Sunday, 08-Jan-12 06:30:27 UTC from web
        1. @rainbowrevolver awesome

          Sunday, 08-Jan-12 06:31:24 UTC from web