1. Man I forgot all about this place!

    Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 15:00:55 UTC from web
    1. @theowl It's you!!

      Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 15:01:55 UTC from web
    2. @rotation [waves back]

      Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 15:02:03 UTC from web
    3. @theowl did you ?

      Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 15:02:04 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
      1. @theawesomepinkpony At some point between s02e01 and s02e02 if my last neighs are any indication. I don't even remember that far back!

        Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 15:04:31 UTC from web
        1. @theowl what? that made little to no sense

          Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 15:06:03 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
          1. @theawesomepinkpony Perhaps reading in context will help you remember what we are talking about ;)

            Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 15:07:21 UTC from web
            1. @theowl perhaps if you saw that i'm on the mobile you would know there is no in context button

              Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 15:08:28 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
              1. @theawesomepinkpony Alright, calm down. I've never used it on a mobile.

                Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 15:12:09 UTC from web
                1. @theowl i am i'm screwing with you, but i a

                  Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 16:10:19 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                2. @theowl am on a mobile device

                  Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 16:10:32 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
    4. @theowl It worked! I remembered you were a cool guy so I nudged you!

      Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 15:19:27 UTC from web
      1. @ceruleanspark That's right! By sheer coincidence, I decided to log into my old email within 20 seconds of you sending that nudge.

        Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 15:29:40 UTC from web
        1. @theowl Well, hopefully you're still interested in us. You were memorable to me, at least!

          Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 15:30:46 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
          1. @ceruleanspark I don't remember why I stopped coming, now I think about it. Then again, I don't seem to remember much anyway. How are you?

            Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 15:33:36 UTC from web
            1. @theowl I'm OK! How're you doing?

              Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 15:35:00 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
              1. @ceruleanspark Aaw man, so much stuff has happened! I think most importantly I decided to stop being a layabout bum and went off to get a bunch of IT vendor qualifications. Job interview for data recovery in two days, ka-ching.

                Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 15:39:49 UTC from web
                1. @theowl Oh awesome! We'll be in the same trade then! What qualifications did you get? I was thinking of just burning through a bunch of the COMPTIA exams and possible the cisco ones.

                  Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 15:41:22 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                  1. @ceruleanspark COMPTIA A+ (701, 702) and MTA Networking/Operating System fundamentals. The plan was to maybe go through a CISCO or Network+ in my spare time but this job will pay for me to get a degree if I get it so I probably won't even need to. I'll still probably do it though, networking is fun.

                    Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 15:44:52 UTC from web
                    1. @theowl I love networking. networking is my favourite. (My cutie mark is an ethernet cable). What did you do for the A+? Just buy a voucher and show up at a test center?

                      Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 15:46:49 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                      1. @ceruleanspark Networking is great but it twists my head sometimes, ha. I hopped onto an apprenticeship because they were doing those qualifications for free (By which I mean they were paying ME to take them and get a job). Plus I got a bunch of training as well which was pretty alright.

                        Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 15:49:41 UTC from web
                        1. @theowl Ah. I'm after a way to take the A+ without faffing about with a course. Then I'd just do it.

                          Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 15:58:11 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                          1. @ceruleanspark I think it's possible to just buy a voucher and go to a certified testing centre to take it.

                            Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 16:03:28 UTC from web
                            1. @theowl That's what I thought too. I think I can handle it. (I have a HNC and 5 years work experience)

                              Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 16:04:37 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                              1. @ceruleanspark It's really easy. You should blast it.

                                Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 16:05:24 UTC from web
                                1. @theowl also i'm back

                                  Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 16:12:41 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                                2. @theowl I really should, just so I can use it as an argument as to why I should be paid more.

                                  Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 16:36:07 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                                  1. @ceruleanspark yo

                                    Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 16:42:01 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                                    1. @theawesomepinkpony Hey.

                                      Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 17:04:30 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                                      1. @ceruleanspark supp dawg

                                        Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 17:07:55 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                                        1. @theawesomepinkpony Almost nothing. I barely went home yesterday. Got home, went to sleep., then back to work the next day. You?

                                          Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 17:11:21 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                                          1. @ceruleanspark i'm at school, i'm craving minecraft

                                            Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 17:13:23 UTC from StatusNet iPhone