1. hello everypony

    Sunday, 15-Jan-12 00:45:23 UTC from web
    1. @the20percent Hay there! How are you?

      Sunday, 15-Jan-12 00:45:52 UTC from web
      1. @pinhooves I'm doing fine... still can't be arsed to do homework XD

        Sunday, 15-Jan-12 00:46:22 UTC from web
    2. @the20percent Hi there :3

      Sunday, 15-Jan-12 00:46:08 UTC from web
      1. @nerthos hay

        Sunday, 15-Jan-12 00:46:27 UTC from web
        1. @the20percent How're you doing? Anything worth of mention?

          Sunday, 15-Jan-12 00:47:40 UTC from web
          1. @nerthos just a different day, doing the same stuff

            Sunday, 15-Jan-12 00:48:45 UTC from web
            1. @the20percent Oh, the same here it seems.

              Sunday, 15-Jan-12 00:53:59 UTC from web
              1. @nerthos Well, better same than worse, I guess

                Sunday, 15-Jan-12 00:56:28 UTC from web
                1. @the20percent Yeah... though it's very hard for me to do worse than usual. At least the 25th I start university, so I'll be doing something.

                  Sunday, 15-Jan-12 00:57:48 UTC from web
                  1. @nerthos University you say? I have a picture for you then:

                    Sunday, 15-Jan-12 01:06:54 UTC from web
                    1. @the20percent Don't worry, I have a certain... way, with authority. I managed to cherries very hard some guys when they tried to mess with me in those things.

                      Sunday, 15-Jan-12 01:21:01 UTC from web
                      1. @nerthos I know some people that can do that too... though they require high heels and a miniskirt... for some reason, I can't manage to pull it off.

                        Sunday, 15-Jan-12 01:27:34 UTC from web
                        1. @the20percent I preffer a bag, a club, a knife, and some gas. Or a bag of sugar and something to open the gas tank of their cars.

                          Sunday, 15-Jan-12 01:28:54 UTC from web
                          1. @nerthos you use sugar? I use bleach..

                            Sunday, 15-Jan-12 01:29:47 UTC from web
                            1. @the20percent I like how it completely ruins the engine.

                              Sunday, 15-Jan-12 01:30:38 UTC from web
                              1. @nerthos I especially like to "play around" with those people's computers... Backtrack 5 makes things SOOOO much easier.

                                Sunday, 15-Jan-12 01:32:09 UTC from web
                                1. @the20percent That's fun too. And, if they have family and kids... # Farnxvat fpng naq tber cbea vagb gurve vagrearg uvfgbevrf, naq cbbeyl uvqqra sbyqref.

                                  Sunday, 15-Jan-12 01:35:18 UTC from web
                                  1. @nerthos Nyfb, PC

                                    Sunday, 15-Jan-12 01:36:56 UTC from web
                                  2. @nerthos XD Its called "If you call MLP Questionable, we will show you questionable"

                                    Sunday, 15-Jan-12 01:41:52 UTC from web
                                    1. @the20percent "We will show you divorce, lawsuit, and probably jail"

                                      Sunday, 15-Jan-12 01:42:57 UTC from web
                                      1. @nerthos I don't like to go that far, however I have no objections to a little bit of anesthesia, duct tape, and a street lamp

                                        Sunday, 15-Jan-12 01:47:31 UTC from web
                                        1. @the20percent Well, it doesn't hurt. You just have to wait a couple of hours until constant movement starts to wear off the glue.

                                          Sunday, 15-Jan-12 01:49:13 UTC from web
                            2. @the20percent @nerthos Remind me to never cross you two.

                              Sunday, 15-Jan-12 01:32:12 UTC from web
                              1. @eaglehooves XD Nah, you got some leverage cuz you're a brony... however, if some random guy cuts in the grocery line, he's gonna stand in the car repair line... all I'm gonna say

                                Sunday, 15-Jan-12 01:33:52 UTC from web
                                1. @the20percent I don't have a car anyways. Backtrack 5 has me curious though. Time to buck with all the poorly secure laptops around campus.

                                  Sunday, 15-Jan-12 01:36:33 UTC from web
                                  1. @eaglehooves Oh man... you're gonna love it.. it has a LIBRARY of windows exploits... and for those who don't have a car, I have a pen, a post it note, and the ability to write "Kick me".

                                    Sunday, 15-Jan-12 01:38:24 UTC from web
                                    1. @the20percent If they don't have a car, you can always place some Loctite 414 in their chairs.

                                      Sunday, 15-Jan-12 01:40:07 UTC from web
                                      1. @nerthos I prefer krazy glue, but I guess that'll work too... and its even better if its a rolling chair, that way the guy will have a new appreciation for traffic...

                                        Sunday, 15-Jan-12 01:43:42 UTC from web
                                        1. @the20percent I don't know that brand, but yeah, as long as it's a fast and powerful glue, hard to see... And it's better with those teachers who wear skirts. Just try to leave the chair if it's glued to the skin. The way to remove Loctite is with heat, but you can't apply heat to your skin.

                                          Sunday, 15-Jan-12 01:46:51 UTC from web
                                          1. @nerthos Oh, the way to remove krazy glue is to shed that layer of skin...

                                            Sunday, 15-Jan-12 01:48:47 UTC from web
                                    2. @the20percent Wow. You really have thought this through. :P As for Backtrack, I just acquired an old desktop that I think I can get on the network in someone else's name. :)

                                      Sunday, 15-Jan-12 01:47:45 UTC from web
                                      1. @eaglehooves I also recommend a small utility called "macchanger". Give yourself a generic mac address like 00-11-22-33-44-55

                                        Sunday, 15-Jan-12 01:49:51 UTC from web
                                        1. @the20percent That was the idea on the old desktop. You need to register your MAC to be allowed on the uni's network, but this one has never connected before, so there's no name attached to it yet as far as IT is concerned.

                                          Sunday, 15-Jan-12 01:51:47 UTC from web
                                          1. @eaglehooves XD

                                            Sunday, 15-Jan-12 01:52:34 UTC from web
                                      2. @eaglehooves Do keep in mind though, macchanger is a temporary change, so you must run this operation often

                                        Sunday, 15-Jan-12 01:50:47 UTC from web
                                        1. @the20percent thanks! i finished it today

                                          Sunday, 15-Jan-12 01:54:50 UTC from web
                              2. @eaglehooves As long as you stay in the right path, there's nothing to worry about.

                                Sunday, 15-Jan-12 01:35:51 UTC from web
    3. @princesstwilight #? #

      Sunday, 15-Jan-12 01:50:08 UTC from web
    4. @princesstwilight #

      Sunday, 15-Jan-12 01:54:20 UTC from web