1. How it goes, everypony? I'm excited for the first meetup for Savannah Bronies meetup group tomarrow (Friday)

    Friday, 27-Jan-12 05:23:43 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
    1. @bronymcbroningson I'm very well! I'm headed to a meetup on Saturday, myself.

      Friday, 27-Jan-12 05:24:24 UTC from web
    2. @bronymcbroningson I can't wait for my Brony meetup this Saturday :3

      Friday, 27-Jan-12 05:24:28 UTC from web
      1. @lyokotravels @yodelerty Where are your meetups on saturday?

        Friday, 27-Jan-12 05:32:41 UTC from web
        1. @bronymcbroningson Palo Alto,CA USA

          Friday, 27-Jan-12 05:34:24 UTC from web
    3. @bronymcbroningson asdf I wanna go to a meeting. Everyone is so faaarrr :(

      Friday, 27-Jan-12 05:25:01 UTC from web
      1. @minti I started Savannah Bronies, because there was no meetup near me

        Friday, 27-Jan-12 05:31:40 UTC from web
        1. @bronymcbroningson I'd start a Gatineau meetup but I'm pretty sure no one near me is a brony that I don't already know about. (!convert'd 3 of my friends)

          Friday, 27-Jan-12 05:33:10 UTC from web