1. Hay #, what makes you happy these days? I'm having a bit of a tough day here.

    Saturday, 28-Jan-12 01:03:31 UTC from web
    1. @bladeshadowmane Talking with nice people. Why, what's wrong?

      Saturday, 28-Jan-12 01:04:24 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
      1. @yodelerty ah just having an off day, my wife said something this morning that made me feel a lil down. Then working a 10hr day doesn't help much

        Saturday, 28-Jan-12 01:12:57 UTC from web
        1. @bladeshadowmane Aww, I'm sorry to hear that. :( #

          Saturday, 28-Jan-12 01:14:14 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
          1. @yodelerty # thanks~ I just have to get through the rest of today and I'll probably be alright. I'd be better if I knew I was gonna eat some tacos later lol

            Saturday, 28-Jan-12 01:19:34 UTC from web
            1. @bladeshadowmane You can always go out and buy some tacos! :D

              Saturday, 28-Jan-12 01:20:35 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
              1. @yodelerty That very well may be in order.

                Saturday, 28-Jan-12 01:23:41 UTC from web
    2. @bladeshadowmane watched MLP?

      Saturday, 28-Jan-12 01:05:41 UTC from web
    3. @bladeshadowmane

      Saturday, 28-Jan-12 01:05:48 UTC from web
      1. @colfax that's effin' cute! that made me smile a lil :)

        Saturday, 28-Jan-12 01:21:39 UTC from web
    4. @chipperlunaro hahaha I actually have some left! But idk if that'd really help

      Saturday, 28-Jan-12 01:11:02 UTC from web
    5. @chipperlunaro Hahahaha that sounds about right, I don't drink much but being sick for awhile has definitely made me want a drink.

      Saturday, 28-Jan-12 01:17:58 UTC from web
    6. @chipperlunaro I don't have a skype :( I've got emails and FB, that's about it.

      Saturday, 28-Jan-12 01:23:28 UTC from web
    7. @chipperlunaro /)^3^(\ that lil Vinyl is smashable lol the best time for me to have enough free time to chat about arrangements would be probably monday evening. I have off that day so I'll most likely just be around the house then.

      Saturday, 28-Jan-12 01:28:43 UTC from web