1. New to everything, so I'll need time to adjust! Oh, one more thing...GIMME DETAILS ON BRONY MEETS!

    Sunday, 29-Jan-12 18:12:55 UTC from web
    1. @radarstorm Welcome. !ohiobronies should help, but we've mostly moved to and the attached forums.

      Sunday, 29-Jan-12 18:14:50 UTC from web
    2. @radarstorm Hay there newpony! Welcome to RDN!

      Sunday, 29-Jan-12 18:15:38 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
    3. @radarstorm Welcome newpony!

      Sunday, 29-Jan-12 18:21:11 UTC from web
    4. @radarstorm If you're lucky meetups will be frequest and awesome like they seem to be in Vancouver. If you're like me, there will be no meetups.. !utahbronies

      Sunday, 29-Jan-12 18:22:13 UTC from web
      1. @pony Ohio Bronies are fairly active. Only issue is that it's all in the wrong part of the state for me. :/

        Sunday, 29-Jan-12 18:24:18 UTC from web
        1. @greatandpowerfuleaglehooves yeah that can be a problem for me too.. I'd be willing to drive the hour it takes to get to Salt Lake City, but not too often.

          Sunday, 29-Jan-12 18:26:54 UTC from web
          1. @pony There's one near me soon, but the past few have been 2-3 hours away, which is really hard without a car.

            Sunday, 29-Jan-12 18:28:52 UTC from web
            1. @greatandpowerfuleaglehooves oo! yeah no kidding. I just cringe thinking about the gas money I'd spend.. my vehicle isn't exactly fuel efficient (except compared with a truck or van maybe.. I use a Jeep).

              Sunday, 29-Jan-12 18:30:56 UTC from web
              1. @pony That's why I don't have one. I could have gotten a steal on a body-on-frame SUV, but between repairs and gas it would have cleaned out my bank account in a month.

                Sunday, 29-Jan-12 18:36:07 UTC from web
                1. @greatandpowerfuleaglehooves gotcha. yeah, I got mine lovingly used so maintenance hasn't been bad at all really, but gas is a killer.

                  Sunday, 29-Jan-12 18:39:22 UTC from web