1. So uh. Hey. Remember that site? I'm thinking of doing an entire site dedicated to !plot. Having trouble figuring out how I want to implement it, though. I'm thinking either a collection of linked thumbnails, or a links gathering place akin to reddit. #

    Tuesday, 31-Jan-12 19:24:46 UTC from web
    1. @retl "Those hindquarters."

      Tuesday, 31-Jan-12 19:25:17 UTC from web
    2. @retl Reddit, ewwwwwwwwwwww.

      Tuesday, 31-Jan-12 19:25:32 UTC from StatusNet Android
      1. @carcino Give me a better way to collect links and I may do it.

        Tuesday, 31-Jan-12 19:32:40 UTC from MuSTArDroid