1. Why must you all be becoming friends on platforms I don't own. D<

    Tuesday, 14-Feb-12 01:48:23 UTC from web
    1. @minti Well what do you have?

      Tuesday, 14-Feb-12 01:49:11 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
      1. @yodelerty Internet-less Wii, and a !3ds that I'm too lazy to configure for wireless. olol.

        Tuesday, 14-Feb-12 01:51:03 UTC from web
        1. @minti If that's the case, then no complaining! D:<

          Tuesday, 14-Feb-12 01:52:32 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
    2. @minti Steam is best platform. PSN is a cool guy I guess.

      Tuesday, 14-Feb-12 01:49:26 UTC from web