1. Last night I was having a quandary, as my newfound pony obsession had overwhelmed my life so much that I didn't remember nor care about whatever I'd been doing before getting into ponies. I was starting to wonder if I was even the same person anymore and it was a little upsetting. I went to bed with my brony playlist on and had long dreams about coming to terms with caring about ponies more than anything and deciding that I should watch more ponies. This spirit dream has inspired me that I must go all-out in bronydom so long as the desire persists.

    Tuesday, 21-Feb-12 17:46:39 UTC from web
    1. @digibrony :D i kinda feel the same! i try to stabilize my obsession but i just shout to the world ima brony

      Tuesday, 21-Feb-12 17:48:08 UTC from web
      1. @hotluna @digibrony Ditto, one of my friends called me obsessed today. I was like woah... am I? ... Then shrugged it off and went buck yeah!

        Tuesday, 21-Feb-12 17:49:14 UTC from web
        1. @minti my friend says i act like a 5 year old girl cuz i like the show. i was like wait.... NEW EPISODE SATURDAY and he got really mad

          Tuesday, 21-Feb-12 17:50:46 UTC from web
        2. @minti Obsession? What is this? :P

          Tuesday, 21-Feb-12 17:54:12 UTC from web
        3. @minti I'm used to being obsessed with things, but this one really came out of nowhere and was really totalizing!

          Tuesday, 21-Feb-12 18:01:29 UTC from web
          1. @digibrony XD Same

            Tuesday, 21-Feb-12 18:02:22 UTC from web
    2. @digibrony I was a little crazy for awhile, but don't let it get to you too much. There's still a whole non-equestrian world out there.

      Tuesday, 21-Feb-12 17:49:28 UTC from web
      1. @greatandpowerfuleaglehooves maybe the lack of a new ep this week will give me a breather

        Tuesday, 21-Feb-12 18:02:01 UTC from web
    3. @digibrony this brony thing has become a sort of obsession for me. physiologic speaking. Is that bad?

      Tuesday, 21-Feb-12 18:34:23 UTC from web
      1. @stopwatch I can't say? I was already an obsessive fan of other things... and I don't have a job or go to school, so it's hard for me to tell people that anything they're doing is "right."

        Tuesday, 21-Feb-12 18:38:40 UTC from web