1. Hey, what do you guys think of the name Cheddar Chip?

    Sunday, 04-Mar-12 16:31:06 UTC from web
    1. @ladestitute it reminds me of doritoes

      Sunday, 04-Mar-12 16:35:35 UTC from web
    2. @ladestitute sounds like a friendly dude.

      Sunday, 04-Mar-12 16:35:49 UTC from web
    3. @thatonepony You are correct on the former. @commodorecrazycommanderofthe1stroyalbrigadeofspiceracksandcheese Yup, aside from being a little tubby from all the fat from dairy @hotluna Well, he does make cheese flavored chips and other kinds of crackers.

      Sunday, 04-Mar-12 16:40:11 UTC from web