1. !edinburghbronies !uk @retrix @stereosounds @creideiki Update on the details can be viewed AGAIN on this:,268.msg2583.html#msg2583

    Sunday, 04-Mar-12 19:45:45 UTC from web
    1. @whatwhat !edinburghbronies !uk @stereosounds @creideiki Thanks. Sure something suitable can be found for April/May, I'll get back to you.

      Sunday, 04-Mar-12 19:53:47 UTC from web
      1. @retrix @whatwhat !edinburghbronies My new Skype username is stereo_sounds. Please add me there if you can!

        Sunday, 11-Mar-12 16:46:47 UTC from web
    2. @whatwhat @creideiki @retrix !edinburghbronies !uk Sorry for pretty much vanishing for a bit. Should be back on Skype by tomorrow night, and will get posting on the forums too in the meet-up discussion. We can make this happen!

      Sunday, 04-Mar-12 21:48:39 UTC from web