1. My OC is being shipped with MandoPony... (mixed emotions) I love MandoPony but... uh... well, it's kinda awkward. He is my favourite, and I'm like his biggest fan, but this is kinda weird. And yet I'm just going with it.

    Thursday, 08-Mar-12 00:14:19 UTC from web
    1. @dannybrony ...At least it's better than being shipped with Mic.

      Thursday, 08-Mar-12 00:19:25 UTC from web
      1. @forestrain .. You would know! (Would you?)

        Thursday, 08-Mar-12 00:20:13 UTC from web
        1. @minti No, I most certainly wood not! >_<

          Thursday, 08-Mar-12 00:22:14 UTC from web
          1. @forestrain Haha. :p

            Thursday, 08-Mar-12 00:22:52 UTC from web
      2. @forestrain Well, it's nothing really sexual, it's only slightly suggestive (I'm not a clopper so the artist kept it clean) But it is still kinda funny. And yes I do love MandoPony. Being shipped with Mic? Probably done a lot on peoples tumblrs already. Haha.

        Thursday, 08-Mar-12 00:22:37 UTC from web
    2. @dannybrony well, good thing i'm not shipped with anyone

      Thursday, 08-Mar-12 00:25:32 UTC from web
      1. @mushi Well, it's not my idea. Someone just saw that I was having a MandoPony obsession 'episode' and said "I'm gonna draw MandoPony and DannyBrony shipping." And now she put it on my twitter. I found to actually be a funny picture.

        Thursday, 08-Mar-12 00:29:10 UTC from web
        1. @dannybrony Xd, can we see it?

          Thursday, 08-Mar-12 00:29:41 UTC from web
          1. @mushi It's not exactly nsfw, its just a little suggestive. so why not, let me get the link.

            Thursday, 08-Mar-12 00:38:45 UTC from web
          2. @mushi Here is the picture, nothing too inappropriate about it, possible # but just a little suggestive.

            Thursday, 08-Mar-12 00:40:54 UTC from web
            1. @dannybrony hehehehe weird!

              Thursday, 08-Mar-12 00:43:23 UTC from web
              1. @mushi But I find it to be kind of funny. And it will be coloured soon, the artist will be getting a tablet to colour it soon.

                Thursday, 08-Mar-12 00:44:46 UTC from web