1. !vancouverbronies and then I missed another. dammit. On a completely unrelated note, I think we should make a Canada/western Canada con. Any supporters?

    Thursday, 08-Mar-12 03:48:27 UTC from web
    1. @arctempest !bcbronies trouble crossing the border? if not, there's always Everfree NW...

      Thursday, 08-Mar-12 04:01:26 UTC from web
      1. !bcbronies @tophat @bronymike I was thinking more along the lines of people who can't actually make it to seattle. I mean, my parents are pretty relaxed, they'd actually let me go by myself, however, some bronies my age, or even up-province might not be so lucky. However, I guess you're right in regards to attendee cannibalization of EFNW. That being said, if it were to be set up, I obviously wouldn't plan it for the same time as EFNW. Although...Hmm...august you say? Sounds like a plan.

        Thursday, 08-Mar-12 05:32:02 UTC from web
        1. @arctempest !bcbronies Yeah, that's the thing. EF is the entire large-scale northwestern Brony convention and compared to a lot of places people are coming from to attend, it's right at our back door. A "Bronycon Canada", as it would be, is pretty unrealistic, due to the crazy size of Canada, and any sort of central location would wind up being so much further away for lots of people than an equivalent US con would be. I suppose you can plan a very large-scale BC/Alberta/Yukon(?)/Washington(??) brony meetup/convention, it's just that with Everfree already having so much headway and being so close, it seems smarter to me to have more attendees save their money and just come to that one.

          Thursday, 08-Mar-12 05:50:53 UTC from web
        2. @arctempest !bcbronies Er, I just kinda went in a circle with my points there. Addendum: Planned well in advance, a really big meetup that's not quite on the same scale as Everfree could work very nicely as well, but just bear in mind the difficulty involved in planning all this. The simpler and the cheaper, the better it'll generally be, and the issue with Vancouver is that perhaps the simplest idea - some sort of outdoor thing like a picnic or barbecue or something - would be pretty damn hard to plan due to our weather patterns. Long story short, I'm sleepy and can't get my points across straight.

          Thursday, 08-Mar-12 05:54:12 UTC from web
    2. @arctempest !bcbronies Yeah, like @tophat said, Everfree's your best bet. It's down in Seattle, which is quite convenient, considering the alternatives. It's also got an amazing planning committee and I think a really big BC-based Canada-wide meetup/festival/convention would just cannibalize attendees. Plenty of time before August to get a passport if you don't have one. And if you can't make it, then the best option's probably to meet with a lot of bronies at pre-existing conventions or to just go to any bigger-scale meetups we plan on here.

      Thursday, 08-Mar-12 04:16:43 UTC from web
    3. @arctempest !vancouverbronies Well, @bronymike and I were discussing such a thing with @afancorp there for a bit but it hasn't been brought up again in many months. A con is a pretty serious logistical exercise, though. Bigger meetups would be easier, I agree. And yeah, we know all about outdoor meetups and weather patterns...

      Thursday, 08-Mar-12 06:22:14 UTC from web