Friday, 09-Mar-12 18:02:31 UTC from web
    1. @cavatina I'm not clear how it is that I ended up here~

      Friday, 09-Mar-12 18:06:16 UTC from Choqok
    2. @shalabajza Well, I actually joined the # just in case RDN would go down really quickly x.x I'm Omni, I guess, and... errr... *squeeks*

      Friday, 09-Mar-12 18:11:05 UTC from Choqok
    3. @shalabajza I'm sorry... I just... You caught me at a bad moment, I'm somewhat mentally unstable now v.v I'm sorry... v.v

      Friday, 09-Mar-12 18:14:29 UTC from Choqok
    4. @shalabajza I... don't know? v.v What kind of songs? v.v

      Friday, 09-Mar-12 18:18:55 UTC from Choqok
    5. @shalabajza Sounds like pop rock. Nice song though. *sighs* I don't think you should even bother, you're running the risk of having to deal with me when I fall back into this suicidal mood and believe me, it's not fun to deal with me then v.v

      Friday, 09-Mar-12 18:25:08 UTC from Choqok