1. @flaminglight And its that much funnier now!

    Thursday, 07-Apr-11 01:07:07 UTC from web
    1. @browny hehe, yeah, I chose it for a forum prior, because it goes so well with the one bit of info in my Bio on here.

      Thursday, 07-Apr-11 01:08:40 UTC from web
      1. @flaminglight Oh I see! haha! Thats cool man!

        Thursday, 07-Apr-11 01:13:28 UTC from web
        1. @browny I've found no one has minded so far in this fandom. ^_^ it still makes me smile to hear that though.

          Thursday, 07-Apr-11 01:15:56 UTC from web
          1. @flaminglight Haha! awesome! What forum did you get it from? I NEED this in my Rarity Folder!!! Lol

            Thursday, 07-Apr-11 01:20:16 UTC from web
            1. @browny Um..I think I saved it to my comp from KYM actually.

              Thursday, 07-Apr-11 01:23:25 UTC from web
              1. @flaminglight Lol KYM has over 200 things of Pictures.. But I will Find it... I must.. I Must! I MUST!!! nah.. I'll ask for it on ponychan...

                Thursday, 07-Apr-11 01:28:37 UTC from web
                1. @browny YEEEEES!

                  Thursday, 07-Apr-11 01:33:24 UTC from web