1. Yeaaaah OC ponies go! I'm drawing a bunch of them. I just needed to take a few minute break from this big project. I'll post a collage of them tomorrow. Anypony want me to draw theirs? :)

    Friday, 13-May-11 06:08:46 UTC from web
    1. @pixellatedponi If you can "ponitize" Applejack's hat, that would be the coolest thing ever.

      Friday, 13-May-11 06:10:04 UTC from web
    2. @pixellatedponi I don't know how you would go about it, though; perhaps a more masculine pony with Applejack's eyes, but with a very dirty brown mane with a "tan hide"; cutie mark is her hat? (It's my head-canon that Applejack's hat belonged to her father before she dawned it, so....)

      Friday, 13-May-11 06:16:00 UTC from web
      1. @zarkanorf Oh that's neat! I'll have to have a go at it and see what I can do. :)

        Friday, 13-May-11 06:20:33 UTC from web
        1. @pixellatedponi Awesome!! Thank ya kindly~

          Friday, 13-May-11 06:21:43 UTC from web
    3. @pixellatedponi I can't pretend I'm not tempted... :)

      Friday, 13-May-11 06:22:21 UTC from StatusNet Android
      1. @scribus Well go on an' offer up a description! :D It's not like you gotta pay for it, and it doesn't take me more than a quick 15 minute break to pump these out. I just do 'em when I can around my actual work. :)

        Friday, 13-May-11 06:30:32 UTC from web
        1. @pixellatedponi Tall, lanky male pony (like the salt saloon manager). Dunno if you're coloring, but... Blue, shaggy cyan mane, grey fedora hat. Cutie mark is my logo. Thanks in advance!

          Friday, 13-May-11 06:42:44 UTC from StatusNet Android
          1. @scribus Got it, will post whenever I do it. Yeah I color 'em. :)

            Friday, 13-May-11 07:01:49 UTC from web
            1. @pixellatedponi Yay, thank you! And good night!

              Friday, 13-May-11 07:10:57 UTC from StatusNet Android
          2. @scribus Hey you said your OC pony is blue with a cyan mane, right? What color eyes, while we're at it? Is the cutie mark blue like in the icon? Lemme know, thanks! :)

            Tuesday, 17-May-11 03:18:03 UTC from web
            1. @pixellatedponi Eyes... Eyes... Greener side of hazel? Green? Forgot to think about it! D: heh Cutie mark works as black, if its visible. I'm not too picky, it's more an avatar than a character.

              Tuesday, 17-May-11 04:14:02 UTC from StatusNet Android
    4. @pixellatedponi It would be awesome if you included Droplet ( ) ;v;' Only if you'd like, though.

      Friday, 13-May-11 09:19:29 UTC from web
      1. @droplet Awww I love the design! Sure I'll do one. :)

        Friday, 13-May-11 17:09:32 UTC from web
    5. @pixellatedponi If you're still doing these, let me know. :3 I can even doodle a rough quick sketchy thing for reference.

      Friday, 13-May-11 09:30:20 UTC from web
      1. @retl Yep yep! They're just quick sketchies that I ink and color if I have time. They're great for quickie breaks during my big jobs during the day. :)

        Friday, 13-May-11 17:10:04 UTC from web
        1. @pixellatedponi Here's the character description in a Google Docs file. I can go get the description and copypaste it here if you prefer, and if you want, I can also go do a quick little doodle thingy to show a rough idea of what I had in mind. Feel free to experiment~

          Friday, 13-May-11 17:13:27 UTC from web
          1. @retl Got it... but the two descs seem to be in conflict with one another. Which one am I to use? :)

            Friday, 13-May-11 19:11:57 UTC from web
            1. @pixellatedponi Probably the first one, since it's more meant to be the usual. Either works, though. Pick which you prefer. :3

              Friday, 13-May-11 19:16:45 UTC from web