1. !vancouverbronies Hey I am trying to help with this one, Mike we are making a monthly, this thing is happening in two weeks, From today. I believe its the 21st of April. I need money by the end of this week. phone me (604 760 5579) or email me at b.j_ferguson [at] hotmail [dot] com, for when I can come pick it up, it will be like 5 dollars because we will include drinks, if there is left overs, then we will hand it back or get foods as well for everyone.. I need the money before this Saturday, so please please contact me, I don't want this to fall through. On giving me the money you will receive a ticket and will be given priority seating, if you don't have a ticket and show up..... you get in if there are seats left. I do not do this to be mean but to be fair if you help pay for the room, then you should get a seat. Lets get this rolling, so in the words of a certain muscle bound pegasus " YEAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!"

    Sunday, 08-Apr-12 03:53:55 UTC from web

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