1. Never before in my life had I pick a full backpack and accidentally hit myself in the crotch with it.

    Tuesday, 10-Apr-12 22:04:37 UTC from web
    1. @doatesistheman accidentally?

      Tuesday, 10-Apr-12 22:05:16 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
      1. @renovatedkitchen yeeaaaah. I picked up my book-bag and it weighs about 10 pounds and as I quickly pulled it up, it swung and hit my crotch.

        Tuesday, 10-Apr-12 22:06:27 UTC from web
        1. @doatesistheman pain much?

          Tuesday, 10-Apr-12 22:09:28 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
          1. @renovatedkitchen Gur jnl gb trg orggre sebz n uvg ba gur pebgpu vf gb crr. Vg jbexf.

            Tuesday, 10-Apr-12 22:10:56 UTC from web
            1. @doatesistheman I guess I try and remember that!

              Tuesday, 10-Apr-12 22:11:39 UTC from web
            2. @doatesistheman I'll take that as a yes.

              Tuesday, 10-Apr-12 22:12:16 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
            3. @doatesistheman I'll, uh, bear that in mind.

              Tuesday, 10-Apr-12 22:12:21 UTC from web
              1. @spectrumscramble You thought that was a spoiler and you read what it actually meant, didn't you?

                Tuesday, 10-Apr-12 22:13:38 UTC from web
                1. @doatesistheman Nope, didn't expect it to be a show spoiler, due to the lack of # tag. Was just curious what was being said that warranted rot13'ing. Now I regret that. D:

                  Tuesday, 10-Apr-12 22:15:11 UTC from web
                  1. @spectrumscramble You have no idea how your reply made my day. oh, man. LOL XD

                    Tuesday, 10-Apr-12 22:17:08 UTC from web