1. I appear to be unable to delete my own profile. "Discontinue using the service" is insufficient for a clean break. Why can I not remove my own data?

    Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 22:24:57 UTC from web
    1. @psykozohedron Yeah you have to ask a moderator or admin to delete it, cause deleting accounts with actual posts causes some issues cause StatusNet sucks. >_>

      Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 22:25:58 UTC from web
    2. @psykozohedron To avoid account thieves deleting other people's accounts.

      Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 22:26:13 UTC from web
    3. @psykozohedron And just for the record, you don't _have_ to leave. People were just warning you. ;p

      Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 22:27:41 UTC from web
      1. @minti What happened while I was out?

        Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 22:28:52 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
      2. @minti I'm waiting to see if everypony else switches to hamtaro ponies. Like the shrug pony fad

        Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 22:29:36 UTC from web
      3. @minti I do not appreciate being "warned" for comments and offers I made in good faith and with good will, and if my contribution is not welcome, I will not impose it. I also do not appreciate being thoughtlessly pigeonholed as a "spammer" by people who use the word "spam" to describe any content that strikes them as mildly irritating, because I know what those words really do mean. I have just discovered that I can't remove myself. Strange situation, don't you think? >:(

        Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 22:32:53 UTC from web
        1. @psykozohedron Well you need to think of it this way: It's just a warning. There's no need to get upset about someone warning you that what you're saying could count a spam. It's as if you think warnings are bad, when they're just meant to help you make better decisions. Anyway, I need to go out for a bit so I probably won't reply to you if you reply to this. ;p Just so you know.

          Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 22:38:03 UTC from web
          1. @minti I did not merit a warning, and since my intentions were as honest and benevolent as I could possibly hope to make them, I request an apology or profile removal. I was and I remain deeply insulted.

            Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 22:46:51 UTC from web
    4. @thatonepony I offered to teach people about anonymity and security online, in an IRC channel. I had a blog post that went into it at some length. I linked both, along with explanations. One link for each. I was "warned" for "spamming."

      Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 22:36:42 UTC from web
      1. @psykozohedron Unless it was a mod, carry on.

        Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 22:38:07 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
    5. @widget I believe it was a mod who issued the "warning". >:(

      Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 22:38:31 UTC from web
    6. @widget I presume @redenchilada, since that's who issued the warning that started all this nonsense.

      Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 22:53:15 UTC from web
      1. @toksyuryel @psykozohedron Taking the Internet seriously > laughingmares.jpg. Taking redenchilada seriously > laughingalicornsofdoom.jpg

        Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 22:55:35 UTC from web
        1. @widget We know that because we've been paying attention; to some, all they see is a mod and by default you have to take anyone with mod powers seriously until you've gotten to know them.

          Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 22:57:36 UTC from web
    7. @widget That's certainly true to some extent. There are certain portions of the internet I would take seriously; this probably isn't one of them though.

      Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 23:01:23 UTC from web