1. But they won't _listen_. I don't have a boot big enough even if I could reach through the monitor and shake people awake! It's so _frustrating_!

    Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 23:00:29 UTC from web
    1. @psykozohedron I'm not sure how many of us have stuff worth going to that length to hide.

      Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 23:01:41 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
    2. @psykozohedron You know, some of us don't deal with stuff worth hiding. And some of us don't care about international criminal organizations like the FBI.

      Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 23:02:55 UTC from web
    3. Look, see there? Mixing metaphors and missing punctuation and losing track of my sentences! I have been profoundly upset by the entire world ever since the damned SOPA/PIPA panic, and it just gets worse and worse... argh... Nicotine. Now.

      Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 23:04:19 UTC from web
      1. @psykozohedron how the heck is she holding that cigarette?

        Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 23:04:56 UTC from web
      2. @psykozohedron Look. If you're going to post endlessly about "join this network instead" and start whining when people don't like that, you need to rethink your attitude on this site. I'm not saying bad things about IRC or anything, and you can post about it once in a while, but I'd rather people join this site to discuss things _here_ instead of trying to divert traffic.

        Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 23:06:49 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
        1. @redenchilada I was complaining about the problem I face personally. I wasn't pushing it, I was venting my exasperation! And now I am exasperated with you!

          Wednesday, 18-Apr-12 00:15:45 UTC from web
        2. @redenchilada Divert TRAFFIC? How dare you? Did you even bother to read the posts you treatened me for?

          Wednesday, 18-Apr-12 00:16:33 UTC from web
          1. @psykozohedron You know what? If you had said that in a civilized manner, I'd be willing to reason with you. Instead, you're yelling at me and throwing insults. Good bye.

            Wednesday, 18-Apr-12 00:19:05 UTC from web
    4. @thatonepony Are you seriously telling me you _want_ to nuke me for a cartoon character obeying the _law_? Smoking is more censorworthy than _clop_? >_<

      Wednesday, 18-Apr-12 00:14:23 UTC from web