1. !ponydreamers Went down for a nap - had a dream I got a Twilight Sparkle playset, didn't want to wake up. *snooze* Had a dream about show-accurate toys! (gasp) Didn't want to wake up. *snooze* Had a dream about a portal to Equestria & my quest to find it. Didn't want to wake up. *snooze* Had a dream Rainbow Dash came into the real world. Did not want to wake up. Made myself do it anyway. Hopefully, it wasn't a mistake. :p Besides, if my next dream is "Finding the portal myself," I want more than 10 minutes before my alarm.

    Wednesday, 18-May-11 18:38:43 UTC from StatusNet Android
    1. @scribus i like your avatar it suits you and you grey fadora

      Wednesday, 18-May-11 18:39:52 UTC from web
      1. @theawesomepony Thanks! @pixellatedponi did it. :)

        Wednesday, 18-May-11 18:42:56 UTC from StatusNet Android
        1. @scribus so what is your day consisting of ?

          Wednesday, 18-May-11 18:43:50 UTC from web
          1. @theawesomepony Well, last night was a long night at work whilst feeling like a zombie, and so far today has been a string of naps, the snooze button, and pony dreams. Basically, nothing. :p Think I needed a break after my weekend.

            Wednesday, 18-May-11 18:50:12 UTC from StatusNet Android
            1. @scribus nice i wish i was asleep right now that would be nice but i have lunch and then one more period and then im going home and then im gonna play some videya games

              Wednesday, 18-May-11 18:53:11 UTC from web
    2. @scribus lucky!

      Wednesday, 18-May-11 21:15:10 UTC from web
    3. @scribus I want dreams like this!!

      Thursday, 19-May-11 00:16:30 UTC from web
    4. @scribus landsakes I'v been lookin fer a way inta equestria fer months

      Thursday, 19-May-11 04:59:41 UTC from web
      1. @mlpapplejack you ain't there?

        Thursday, 19-May-11 05:01:06 UTC from StatusNet Android
        1. @carcinopony course ment ta say i wish I could travle ta y'alls world an back

          Thursday, 19-May-11 05:02:32 UTC from web
          1. @mlpapplejack Paradox space? You live in paradox space with me?

            Thursday, 19-May-11 05:03:53 UTC from StatusNet Android
            1. @carcinopony well i 'int inta all that sience mambo jumbo twilights told me she thinks its somethin called a dimensional thing

              Thursday, 19-May-11 05:07:47 UTC from web
              1. @mlpapplejack I guess thay isn't impossible for a bunch of miniature horses to accomplish.

                Thursday, 19-May-11 05:09:28 UTC from StatusNet Android
                1. @carcinopony with magic anythings possible i recon

                  Thursday, 19-May-11 05:11:00 UTC from web
                  1. @mlpapplejack one of my friends doesn't belive in magic. Well, he's not really a friend. He's gone anyway. Pint is yes, magic good.

                    Thursday, 19-May-11 05:13:15 UTC from StatusNet Android
                    1. @carcinopony i'd recon theres magic in the world y'all just a'int found it yet *wink*

                      Thursday, 19-May-11 05:14:16 UTC from web
                      1. @mlpapplejack well my other friend made a wand of science. That's kinda like magic.

                        Thursday, 19-May-11 05:15:48 UTC from StatusNet Android
                        1. @carcinopony hahaha ah dont know nothin bout no science

                          Thursday, 19-May-11 06:09:18 UTC from web
                          1. @mlpapplejack me neither. I'm more a follower of romance. And anger.

                            Thursday, 19-May-11 06:11:37 UTC from StatusNet Android