1. At the airport when we're watching TV, some cake show was on, and it showed them building the cakes with wood and such rather than the actual cake, then just covering them with icing. Its true. Icing is usually too sugary.

    Sunday, 22-Apr-12 17:12:56 UTC from web
    1. @renovatedkitchen I love frosting-covered wood! It's delicious!

      Sunday, 22-Apr-12 17:13:51 UTC from StatusNet Android
      1. @redenchilada I usually scrape the frosting off cake if I eat it. sorry :(

        Sunday, 22-Apr-12 17:14:53 UTC from web
        1. @renovatedkitchen Weirdo.

          Sunday, 22-Apr-12 17:16:08 UTC from StatusNet Android
          1. @redenchilada Ppft. Says the guy who watches My Little Pony. Oh. Wait. That doesnt help me much. Okay. Im guilty as charged.

            Sunday, 22-Apr-12 17:17:59 UTC from web
    2. @renovatedkitchen Wow... wood sounds like a horrible cake.

      Sunday, 22-Apr-12 17:14:10 UTC from web
      1. @flaredancer I know eh? LIke what was the point of paying for this if I could have made it in my own garage.

        Sunday, 22-Apr-12 17:15:27 UTC from web
        1. @renovatedkitchen Yeah, quite. I druther simply eat the cake and not deal with the frosting.

          Sunday, 22-Apr-12 17:17:04 UTC from web
          1. @flaredancer Mhm. Too much frosting, and you cant even taste the cake. Who knows if its any good even.

            Sunday, 22-Apr-12 17:20:14 UTC from web
            1. @renovatedkitchen For the reals...

              Sunday, 22-Apr-12 17:21:30 UTC from web
              1. @flaredancer This would make Derpy a cake connoisseur. She prefers the tender inside of muffins over the sugar layered on top of cakes and such.

                Sunday, 22-Apr-12 17:23:18 UTC from web
                1. @renovatedkitchen I can't express how much I love that post. There aren't enough words.

                  Sunday, 22-Apr-12 17:25:24 UTC from web
                  1. @flaredancer ^_^. This makes me want to draw a spiffy looking Derpy.

                    Sunday, 22-Apr-12 17:26:57 UTC from web
                    1. @renovatedkitchen I think you should.

                      Sunday, 22-Apr-12 17:27:48 UTC from web
                      1. @flaredancer And I shall! So, how does: A formally dressed Derpy, combed tail and mane, while biting muffin?

                        Sunday, 22-Apr-12 17:29:43 UTC from web
                        1. @renovatedkitchen Excellent =^.^= I can't wait to see it!

                          Sunday, 22-Apr-12 17:30:20 UTC from web
                          1. @flaredancer I'll link you when I post it. ^_^. Oh, 1:30, gonna run to the store. Will be slow with replying for a little.

                            Sunday, 22-Apr-12 17:32:12 UTC from web
                            1. @renovatedkitchen I'll probably be heading to sleep soon, anyways. Work tonight, school tomorrow.

                              Sunday, 22-Apr-12 17:33:36 UTC from web
                              1. @flaredancer Ah, okay. Well, I will be sure to link you the picture and its progress, incase you have some input.

                                Sunday, 22-Apr-12 17:35:10 UTC from web
                                1. @renovatedkitchen Yay! =^.^= <3

                                  Sunday, 22-Apr-12 17:36:14 UTC from web
                                  1. @flaredancer <3 #!

                                    Sunday, 22-Apr-12 17:36:46 UTC from web
                                    1. @renovatedkitchen #! Do you use kik?

                                      Sunday, 22-Apr-12 17:37:50 UTC from web
                                      1. @flaredancer Kik? Would that be kik messenger?

                                        Sunday, 22-Apr-12 17:39:03 UTC from web
                                        1. @renovatedkitchen Yep

                                          Sunday, 22-Apr-12 17:39:40 UTC from web
                                          1. @flaredancer No, should I get it?

                                            Sunday, 22-Apr-12 17:43:23 UTC from web
                                            1. @renovatedkitchen /shrugs. If you like. It's up to you. It's the messenger I use on my phone, so anything sent there will definitely reach me.

                                              Sunday, 22-Apr-12 17:45:35 UTC from web
                                              1. @flaredancer okay. For sure! What's your account name on it?

                                                Sunday, 22-Apr-12 17:55:56 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                                                1. @renovatedkitchen Miss.Loki

                                                  Sunday, 22-Apr-12 17:56:53 UTC from web
                                                  1. @flaredancer message sent!

                                                    Sunday, 22-Apr-12 18:01:44 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                                                    1. @renovatedkitchen =^.^=

                                                      Sunday, 22-Apr-12 18:03:18 UTC from web
    3. @darkw00d A friend of mine made a vegan whole grain, zero sugar cake, though. That sounded amazing.

      Sunday, 22-Apr-12 17:16:30 UTC from web
    4. @darkw00d No, not wood. Various types of grains, like flax and wheat

      Sunday, 22-Apr-12 17:19:42 UTC from web
    5. @darkw00d Because it was tasty. She fed it to a friend and he didn't even know it was healthy and made without sugar. I seemed like a regular cake

      Sunday, 22-Apr-12 17:23:24 UTC from web
    6. @darkw00d No, she lives in Oregon and I live in California. She didn't make it while I was visiting, either.

      Sunday, 22-Apr-12 17:24:57 UTC from web
    7. @darkw00d Hmm... that's an excellent idea!

      Sunday, 22-Apr-12 17:27:10 UTC from web
    8. @darkw00d I wonder how well that would work... Seems like something worth trying

      Sunday, 22-Apr-12 17:29:32 UTC from web
    9. @darkw00d Double brushie brushie action?

      Sunday, 22-Apr-12 17:30:05 UTC from IdentiCurse
    10. @darkw00d Wow, that's pretty nifty

      Sunday, 22-Apr-12 17:32:05 UTC from web