1. The Pyramid tutorials could really do with some work. They don't spend much time introducing the concepts and explaining what you're doing at each step, they just give you a bunch of code to copy and paste with only an overall description of what it aims to do when they bother to describe it at all. The writing is also vague and uncertain, like it *means* to give a high-level introduction and then dive in but then it just moves on to the next topic instead of diving in. Here's a tip guys: if I'm reading the tutorial it's because I want to learn how to use your software, not because I'm still deciding whether or not I should use your software. At this point I really don't know much more about how to use it than I did before I went through the tutorials. Guess it's back to plan B then: read somebody else's Pyramid app and try to figure out how it works while cross-referencing the API docs. !coderpony !python

    Sunday, 06-May-12 21:01:49 UTC from web