1. Time to either derp about in the Mojave, or derp about in the Big Mt. crater. Decisions, decisions... # #

    Monday, 07-May-12 22:31:41 UTC from web
    1. @bitshift Derp about in Spacechem ^_^

      Monday, 07-May-12 22:34:44 UTC from web
      1. @toksyuryel Nope. I'm in a more hit/shoot/reason with something mood than a puzzle-solving mood right now. :)

        Monday, 07-May-12 22:35:27 UTC from web
        1. @bitshift I forgot to install mplayer before I started a huge reinstall process that is likely to take all day. Now I can't listen to music :( I am sad

          Monday, 07-May-12 22:37:36 UTC from web
          1. @toksyuryel Oh dear. :(

            Monday, 07-May-12 22:38:37 UTC from web
            1. @bitshift Perhaps I will play Persona 4. I've been meaning to get back to that game anyway.

              Monday, 07-May-12 22:39:48 UTC from web
              1. @toksyuryel Yes. Go climb inside a TV! :P

                Monday, 07-May-12 22:41:24 UTC from web
                1. @bitshift Sounds like a plan!

                  Monday, 07-May-12 22:44:16 UTC from web