1. Hi guys. About to drive myself down to friends cottage. Wish me luck! ^_^

    Thursday, 10-May-12 17:28:52 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
    1. @renovatedkitchen Good luck! :D

      Thursday, 10-May-12 17:30:03 UTC from web
      1. @rainbowrevolver thanks.

        Thursday, 10-May-12 18:17:46 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
        1. @renovatedkitchen You're welcome!

          Monday, 14-May-12 17:44:49 UTC from web
          1. @rainbowrevolver the car ended up breaking down half way, but I caught it before anything serious happened and managed to limp it back home safely and also avoided a tow fee ^_^

            Monday, 14-May-12 18:42:16 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
            1. @renovatedkitchen Well that's good that you didn't have to pay to get it towed :3

              Tuesday, 15-May-12 17:16:38 UTC from web
              1. @rainbowrevolver Mhm. I thank thee for the luck that allowed me to get home. It really was just luck that I made it. ^_^

                Tuesday, 15-May-12 17:39:36 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                1. @renovatedkitchen Awww you're so very welcome. x3 I'm really glad you got home safely.

                  Tuesday, 15-May-12 17:47:24 UTC from web
                  1. @rainbowrevolver Thanks again! ^_^ #

                    Tuesday, 15-May-12 18:16:03 UTC from web